Your Favorite Literature: Is it Gothic, Romantic, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry? 📚


Amazon - Emily Dickinson - poetry


awwww books are my oldest, best friends :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hate online soft copies… LOVE smelling that old-book smell in the library! I’ve spent hours in Crossword and Landmark, mall stores which allow you to sit and read inside without buying the books :smile:

CLASSICS: my favorite genre is always slice-of-life with classics.

My favorite classic will always be the Anne Series(L M Montgomery). Gilbert Blythe will forever hold his place as my first love :heart_eyes: Such a beautiful, well-written, funny, heartwarming series with so many memorable quotes. This is my favorite in the series (I’m a sucker for rom-coms, as you all know very well :joy:)

Other classics:
Pollyanna by Eleanor H Porter. Didn’t really like the sequel, everything went crazy once she grew up :grimacing: Really couldn’t ship her with Jimmy Bean, it was so weird!

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott how could I ever forget.

Five Little Peppers by Margaret Sidney (a little similar to Little Women, but lots of fun on its own too)


Modern literature: I dig into almost anything with romance in it. I used to love dystopian fiction.

  1. The Hunger Games WHAT A TRILOGY :heart_eyes::star_struck:

  2. Divergent another really great trilogy. Loved both the movies and the books even though they ended differently. Obviously loved the movie ending more, but the book will always be the book. Tobias Eaton is one great hottie :sweat_smile:

  3. Then there’s this mafia crime-romance I LOVED - the Blood for Blood trilogy by Catherine Doyle. My best friend and I would read them over and over again and again. We still use quotes from the book with each other. Ask us and we both can spout out the notes they write each other in a FLASH. Of course, it gave us mafia fantasies but uh… lets skip over THAT :joy: Had the best ending ever.

  4. This is the only book I accept Physics and sci-fi lectures in. It was fun and dumbed down for idiots like me so I had a good time. All about dimensions and worlds blah blah blah. Especially loved the Russian historical dimension where she’s an ancient Russian princess :heart_eyes:
    The Firebird Trilogy by Claudia Gray


We read Little Women in my FB Book Club Just Recently! And I love the smell of books take me to a library any day - if someone would just come up with a Kindle with the book smell!


I heard a lot about Sylvia Plath until recently I read her collected works…
fell in love with her writings… mesmerizing…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



This book we also read in my FB book club! It was READ OUTLOUD to me as a child in school. I have NEVER forgotten it!

READ it you will love it!

Children’s Historical Fiction


This is a sweet series based off of Beatrix Potter


my fav literature is romance , fantasy , poetry
some book recommendations would be
all the bright places
the fault in our star
fire with fire by jenny han (3 books)




Remembered this quote from Winnie the Pooh because the ML quotes it quite a lot in Jugglers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Winnie the Pooh is honestly so profound. I know the book’s been adapted and sequels and spin-offs and animations have been made… but the actual book is so beautifully thoughtful. Winnie the Pooh may be a Bear of Very Little Brain, but he’s wise where it counts and that’s what I love. The book is divided into very short chapters, making for an easy read. I’d recommend it to anyone. Simple, funny, short, and very sweet. It’s been written by a man who fought in both World Wars.


I LOVE Winnie the Pooh



I always loved Charlotte’s Web - so many good characters - great youth book


Have you contributed to this thread!!! Our Readers Haven

I just looked you have not…


Nope, i haven’t. The short answer is I don’t really have a favorite genre. I’ll read just about anything. Fantasy, Sci-fi, historical fiction, romance. My book shelves have it all.


Give me a couple of your all time FAVORITE books!!! Aw come on!!!

Believe it or not I like all the ones you do and True Crime - Ghost Stories also - History


Penguin Randomhouse
Mystery - Historical Fiction

I just found this little book I think I talked about above in my room - A friend of mine who is one of my best friends gave this to me when I flew for the 1st time because I was scared out of my mind. She is a librarian and she loves this series…

I also like the Midford series - Christian Fiction
Mitford in Order


I have an emotional connection to anything by Terry Brooks. His Shannara series were the first that I became obsessed with when I was young. I’ve re-read them many times. Later in life I discovered an obsession with Henry James and Victoria Holt. I also really loved the Outlander series, so much so that I couldn’t watch the TV adaptation because the ML did not at all match the image I had created of him in my head. I’m not sure I could ever pick an actual favorite book.


Children’s Literature - Historical Fiction

I just read this in my book club a while back.


Historical Fiction - Romance

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