Your Favorite Scene In any Drama you watched


Ah. I never watched that one. Explains why I didn’t recognize him…


My favorite scene is in Secret Garden when he’s sitting in the chair writing the letter. I bawled my eyes out. It was so moving.


For me two stand out.
Secret: she’s leaving, getting on a bus and just as the door is about to close the guy pulls her off into an embrace.
Personal Taste: He tells her to go, can’t look at her and when she says OK I’ll go, he grabs her and begs don’t leave please stay. It’s the best love scene Lee Min Ho ever did when he acted like a grown man.


Another favorite was from the Drama, Shark. Where Dong Soo broke out in a happy dance.


There are a lot of scenes but this one is really cute and sexy at the same time. It was my first k-drama ! Que Sera Sera (episode 3)


I haven’t watched either one of the last two, but they were both funny. “One more time…”


Yeah she’s funny. Que Sera Sera was a suprising drama. When you must wait the middle to have a kiss that often is more a smack, in this one you have not to wait but the story becomes more complicated and “dramatic” after.



This is difficult but surely i can’t not mention the episode 3 from drunk to love you. it was ones of the most beautiful drama that i ever seen


Rewatching 18 Again for the fourth time and WHY do I get teary every single time??
Episode 15’s epilogue, when all of Korea was celebrating their World Cup win and our bruised and broken ML couldn’t face his tiny family because he felt pathetic, so he left his wife and kids waiting at the bus stop and went to cry at the next stop. After crying like anything, he comes back with the biggest smile. And of course his wife knows exactly what’s going on.

It breaks my heart every. single. time. to see them put on that smile even though they’re struggling like anything.