Your Favorite Scene In any Drama you watched

Mine is My love from another star when kim soo hyun takes the hit for jun Ji Hyun…

Nd HeartStrings when the grandpa tells his Life story
… i have more but cant think of them

What hit are you referring to?


I have more than one, this are just a few :blush: <3
My love from the stars:

You’re beautiful:

Innocent Man: the kiss under the rain


Flower Boys Next Door :smiley:

I Hear Your Voice

School 2013

Emergency Couple :smiley:

and some sad, but damn, it’s beautiful.


Wow! I haven’t even watch that last one yet, but I can so imagine the tears flowing when I get to that moment.

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Im Watching I Miss You Nd i was wondering is Harry The Bad Person… Im in Episode 8

Harry’s not good, but he cares about the girl.


Thank Yhu,

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You’re welcome

Oh… is really hard! xD I choose just a gif for all my favorite dramas!

:3 Ok… seriously…

Oh… There are so many!!


Tht powerful Kiss between Kim Soo Hyun Nd Jun Ji Hyun

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The first on my list is the Post break up scene of Song Yi & Min Joon
Song Yi’s Drunken sadness

Just about every scene of Song Jae Rim as Mo II Hwa in Inspiring Generations. He was the coolest, suavest, cutest , and deadliest Chinese acting Korean…hehe ever…lol

There are a few more of my favorites but I just can’t think of them at the moment

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All of those moments with her were funny-like the teddy bear cuts they showed at the end of one of the episodes with her dancing and sliding across the floor.

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Now that I can think straight, I have thought of other scenes that i had to hit replay often just to continue laughing… LOL.

Though I had alot of memorable scenes from Master’s Sun, I loved these two the most
The Ghost Possession Scenes

Also this Strip tease scene from Emergency Couple
The Seduction of Chang Min

LAWD!!! Definitley this one. This proved that Kim Hyun Joong is no longer a Flower Boy. He is ALL THE man… fans self
Enjoy it, Cause I Did:)


The Master Sun… Hahahahahahah… totally Agree … Ndd Emergency Couple … Hehehehe Ndd Inspiring Generation

I still haven’t watch inspiring gen, but i loved the other two. i’ve watched master’s sun twice already, but i think i’ll watch it again when i learn Korean, just because i’m positive it’ll get even better. that show is the bomb!!

Inspiring Generations could be a miss or a go. The beginning started out great, the middle was good, towards the end “meh” but I would still recommend watching it for all the lovely eye candy it provided. hehe. I am biased toward the drama because Kim Hyun Joong but even beyond that I think his acting has improved tremendously and he has shredded the flower boy image.

When was he a flower boy? Seems I’m too young in k-drama terms to really know about his past…

Boys Over Flowers. He played 2nd lead - Ji Hoo