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Ah! I see you’re going to sit at Ocean Beach in San Francisco? lol You forgot the wind barrier and personal anchor to keep you from blowing away during those 60MPH gale force winds that sweep in off the Pacific. :wind_face: I remember one time when we were kids, The wind was blowing so hard at Ocean Beach we couldn’t even open the car doors. Once we got out, you could lean in to the wind so far and not fall over! It was fun, but also hard to keep from getting blown away. :sunglasses: :smile: Yea, we ended up going back inland. :joy:


Hey sidetracked! Are we in the same boat? I’m supposed to be doing homework and here I am going to tell you a funny story instead!


As I’ve stated elsewhere her, my knees are shot so I went to the doctor to see about becoming a member of the Borg collective. (get my knees replaced with technology!) :rofl:

As soon as he saw my legs, he popped out with, “You’re bowlegged!”

I was thinking,. ‘Oh? Since when?’

I looked at my legs and they seemed perfectly fine to me. “I’m bowlegged?” so I stood and held the legs together and he said, “Yep. You’re bowlegged.”

That was news to me! This is the first time in 65 years anyone ever told me that because it isn’t obvious. But then I looked again and yes, they do curve in slightly! My sibs and mom are the same so it must be inherited.

Anyway, I thought that was funny - mainly by his surprised reaction. I guess he was not expecting that? I should have asked him why that was such a surprise. :grin: Maybe because I am blonde and he thought I was ‘Danish’ - (Like that director insisted I was) Danes must not be bowlegged? :rofl: Not the first time my blonde hair fooled someone! :rofl:


join the club! I also have borg stuff, the left ankle, right knee, left wrist! head is still intact(heheheheh)


I needed a laugh for today!

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Bad news Mr Potato Head, Hasbro stopped supplying that ‘bit’ when they dropped “Mr” from your name. :no_good_man::eggplant:


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May be a very important phone call