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just can’t help myself


This morning I was going to take a shower.
But then I thought “Hmm, I’ve got nowhere else to put it.”
So I just left it there.


It’s a chemistree



I am Afraid of it ( organic chemistry is a nightmare to me)



where in the world do these people get these , but its still funny!


how life feels sometimes



spooky or not


I really thought I’m reading about kangaroos lol!


hehehehe, me too!





w here is something for you to think about and I do it too

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To the person who worries what others may think or say about you…

Here is a room FILLED with all of the people who pay your bills, walk in your shoes every day, determine your future, and love your family way more than you possibly could.

These are the same people you should allow to discourage you.

Let that sink in. 💛




Yup, creepy :laughing:


That’s deep! Thanks for sharing!


uh oh something happened to my picture, well heres another one to replace the lost one, hope y’all enjoy this one



Got up with Will Power.

Went walking with Arthur Ritus.

Came home with Charlie Horse.

And went to sleep with Ben Gay.