Your laugh for the day


ok y’all, my laugh for the day. and laughing at me. I got up this morning, shoulder hurting like anything. I guess I over did stuff yesterday, anyway, weather forecaster, rain on the way. and I admit teasing granny with her pain in the knees, and rain on the way. heating pad on said spot, shoulder not knees. so lessons learned…

I only have one



I couldn’t pass this one by



Thanks for the laughs, but do not repeat yesterday’s overdoing today.

Heal your shoulder first, take good care.
:hibiscus: Leerla73 :hibiscus:


thank you leerla73, I will take it easy today


They should post that in the tp aisle and at the cash register so all those hoarders could maybe like get the message. :rofl::rofl:


The toilet paper! I definitely got my laugh for the day from that one, even though we are currently, again, in a toilet paper crisis - quickly reaching stage critical in my household. And my brother literally had to dodge a murder hornet in his apartment last year!


Focus on the picture and the Laws of Attraction will provide.




lol I can relate to that pic! A little 'ol fence never stopped me!


I really don’t get it :rofl:
Why toiletpaper of all things?


A very good question. I really have no idea.


The toilet paper crisis for what I understood; this virus come from a parasite? As we all know, most parasites cause in most cases; diarrea. The covid 19 caused a lot of stomach issues and diarrea in China so over there the need for toilet paper was immense. The news got around and people panic and started buying toilet paper in large amounts all over the world.

I thank the LORD I didn’t get covid but the ones I know (my oldest son, niece, sister) who got covid19, had a severe case of diarrea. I was so prepared for this that I bough Pepcid/Imodium by the dozen, and other product like teas for parasites. I would go to their doorstep, and hand them their needed supplies of meds to relieve their suffering.

I think it pays to be prepared bc we have a very famous Spanish saying: A guerra avisa, no matan soldado.

So the toilet paper in most cases are a must for many who catches the virus.


Nah, It’s doomsday preppers and their affiliates who are grabbing non-perishables and hoarding it. Basic greed. They just want to make sure they don’t run out.

After their storerooms are full, they may feel they have enough and will quit buying it all up so the rest of us can have a chance to buy ONE.

They put limits on quantities because of hoarders.


Like @porkypine90_261 said, I think it’s more of a greed related issue than an issue caused by the symptoms you might get :blush:.

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for certain situations, as long as you don’t go overboard and leave enough for other people :sweat_smile:.

It’s nice of you that you made an emergency supply for those who probably couldn’t go out and buy that themselves :smile:.


This somehow reminds me the childrens’ story:
If You Give A Moose A Muffin I read this to my kids and always laughed and felt sorry for the boy, lol :rofl: So what would you call the Moose has?



‘‘It is by giving that we receive’’

I never lacked not bc I went overboard and bought more than I needed, but bc I share with those who needed the TP, and I was blessed with not getting it, although my son got it twice, and I spend my time with him taking him to hospitals and making sure they didn’t let him die.

Now that I think about it; I never ran of toilet paper although I gave away the little I could find since evil hoarders left the shelf empty. I only bough a pack of 20 recently although the place was stacked to the ceiling, and the place had no restriction on how many you can buy. It was on sale too so that was dumb on my part. I love to take advantage of a good sale.

I hope when I go back they still have them $9.99 for 20 (it’s usually pay for 20 14.99/16.99 depending on the store). How much pay for TP where you live?


A sweet tooth seems the right answer, and a princely disposition.


We actually used one of our stimulus checks to by Lysol spray , face masks and other protection items, we also distributed it to older relatives that we did not want to go out shopping; fear motivates , and we have seen a lot , I have known 12 people to die from COVID , my father being the latest just this week.


My condolences, I’m sorry for your loss :sob::sob:.
Can’t imagine what you are going through right now :sob:

I also wanted to say that it’s really sweet what you and your family are doing for your relatives.


I think you can easily buy a pack of 16 rolls for 4 or 5 euros in the supermarket. Depending on the type of TP, store and amount, you can pay less or (a lot) more :upside_down_face: