Your mom's favorite Korean drama/ actor/ actress?

We all talk about our preferences, but I’m curious , are your mothers watching Korean dramas?
What are your mom’s favorite dramas and actors?


Omg! Yes, she does! I totally hooked her on them. :slight_smile:

One of the proudest moments of my life. She heard me laughing so hard while I was watching Boys Over Flowers, and she wanted to see what was all the fuss about.

My mom’s ultimate favourite is Master’s Sun. She says it’s because it’s not just a love story, but also has the main heroine helping others in need. <3


My mom doesn’t watch, but her cousin does, and they’re about the same age, so I’ll put her preferences here. She told me to watch Spring Waltz. She likes that one, and I haven’t seen it yet. Of the ones I watched, she liked Moon Embracing the Sun, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and My Love from the Star

She’s a fan of good endings :slight_smile:


My mother likes Lee Seo Jin, she sees him as a real gentleman, very  aristocratic looking (elegant, dignified) She watched quite a few Korean dramas, especially historical. She loved “Jewell in the palace”, she watched it twice. She saw also some contemporary dramas, that aired on our tv channels, and she particularly liked That winter the wind blows, that is currently airing in weekend, for the second time. She said that she needs to re-watched that drama, because first time she didn’t understood the final, if the male lead dies and she dreams about him or their final meeting is real :smile:

My love from the star will start airing in june 16, after Bel Ami. I have to tell her to watch it :slight_smile: She doesn’t like Bel Ami, not impress. She liked also Loving you a thousand time (it was her first contemporary k-drama) , Innocent men and a drama that I haven’t seen it - My daughter Seo-Young


Mom gets home from work at 3.30 p.m, she eats, drinks a coffee and from 4.30 pm  to 7.00 p.m is watching
K-dramas on TV. North Korea may launch a nuclear missile, U.S can bomb Serbia and Putin invade Eastern Europe … she would not know. Nobody can disturb her ,nothing distract her from 4.30pm to 7.00 p.m :smile:

Of the ones aired on Romanian channels (over 100 dramas), she liked it more:
-Jewell in the palace
-Wind of the palace
-Storm in the palace
-Bad guy
-Nice guy
-Angel’s temptation
-Loving you a thousand time
-Love rain
-The Secret of Birth
-Good doctor
-That winter the wind blows

I cannot say she has a favorite Korean actor, but I know she likes Kim Nam Gil.


Since historical are airing in turkish tv here and there a few years ago I watched together with my family about 5 of them.
Dad loves Jumong so much I think he watched that one about 4 times now. Even yesterday it was on tv and we all watched it I love that one.
Moms favorite was jewel in the palace she loved all those cooking skills of the girls there and how they cooked that much food that looked so freaking healthy. Oh and the hair and clothes in historical are fascinating her. It was very interesting I like it very much.

But they don’t watch kdramas just here and there sometimes when sth is on tv.


My mother has watched Korean dramas since 2009 when the main channel of the public television service broadcasted historical Korean dramas.The first one was Jewell in the palace and mom was enchanted by the quality of the drama, by the story – educative but not didactical in style, enchanted by the world of discretion and rigor. It was something extremely beautiful. After two years a dozen Korean historical series (with more than 50 episodes) were broadcasted, but Jewell in the palace remained my mom’s favorite, that drama really reached her soul. In 2011 some national private stations started to air also Korean dramas, but unlike the state television, they chose mainly stories set in modern Korea, dramas that run for 16 or 24 episodes, so she watched also a few modern dramas. She prefers more realistic dramas, not fantasy/supernatural/paranormal. She liked Lovers in Paris, Swallow the sun, Winter sonata, When a man loves a woman, Good doctor, Innocent man, Loving you a thousand times. She doesn’t watched k-dramas like in the beginning, only sometimes if she really enjoy the series. Unfortunately, the state television didn’t broadcast new historical series in 2014, but series that already aired in 2011-2012 and even the private channels began to re-aired dramas. Hope they will bring some new series.

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My mom likes Yoon Un Hye. :]

I love when my mom watches Kdramas with me :slight_smile: but she hasn’t watched a lot.

She loves “personal taste” and yes, she’s also all crazy about Lee Min Ho haha, actually she says he has a gentleman-ish look lool and he’s the most handsome Asian man she’s seen (that’s because she hasn’t seen many dramas hahaha)… Actually When I was watching “personal taste” with her we marathoned it and I remember we got to the “game over” kiss scene like around 3:00 am and when the kiss happened we were screaming like teenagers and my dad woke up and said: “I live with crazy people” hahahaha that was hilarious

I love my mommy <3


Omggg awesome hahahahahahahahaha

Hahahahahahah this just cracked me up :smiley: :smiley:

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hahaha ikr! when we remember this we also laugh the hell out of us… lol

My mother is currently watching “The moon that embraces the sun” and she liked it.

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