Your most favorite drama posters


Here you go with the ones I love:
image image
image image

I guess DAYS’s is the best!


Well in earlier years at Viki you got to see those posters more than now.
I try to remember, not that easy, but one of my all-time favorites got to be this one:
I don’t know if this will work out, but I try

Haha, okay I learned something new, not the fastest way, but …

I thought there was a 3rd one but couldn’t find it …
Sorry, I thought there was the English title - Miss Korea is the drama


This drama looks relatively old. Reading cursive Hangeul is so difficult for me. Which drama is it?

The guy in the back in first photo looks like Song Joon Ki, is it him? And why is the painter painting that lady’s hand using a paintbrush :joy::joy:


haha, if you look at the 2nd pic you will see the guy, is not a guy but a woman, actress Song Sun Mi.

It’s a comedy, with a serious touch at times, but you see the other guy using a welding unit for her heels not that common either, right?

Miss Korea I added the name.


I thought this one was nicely done as well

The Great Show


ALTHOUGH I never finished the drama I was amazed with the drama poster for its exquisite taste in their wardrobe and scenery.



Agreed! I also love those posters:



For a minute there I thought it was SJK too; I was thinking, he’s playing as a woman?

And the feet didn’t help either bc of the shoes, and the fact that SJK has HUGE feets, and it seems this actress has pretty big feets too :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I think that these are my favorites:

  1. Flower of evil

  2. Goblin

  3. The tale of the nine tailed

  4. Her private life

Not the show, but I really like the poster.


All greats. Capture the mood of the shows. Simple yet effective compositions. Love the understated use of color.


Go To You When the Weather is Nice

This Doom Poster is my Wallpaper

I Love my BROMANCE Goblin
Legend of the Blue Sea
W 2 Worlds


My sibling always says this chair is a must in our home :joy:


It took me a while to realize these women form W, the title of this drama, Search WWW





I loved Another Oh Hae - Love Eric Munn! I loved his job - favorite job in any drama so far!


Mysterious Love - Pinterest

Mysterious Love


Oh! My Sweet Liar!


The Blessed Girl

Ashes of Love


I hadn’t even heard of this drama, but those posters are gorgeous. The coloring is stunning.


Beyond Evil

Gap Dong

The Crowned Clown

Just Between Lovers