Your Most Favourite scenes of K-DRAMA


Hey Vikiers ,
Have you ever thought of your favourite scene i n any of the K-drama’s. Here are the ones which are my favourite scenes of following Dramas:-

1.Descendants of sun - Wheel chair scene( Ep 15)
2.Legend of blue sea - party scene( Ep 15)
3.True Beaty - cake scene( till now )(Ep2-3)
4.What’s wrong with secretary kim - Ep1 (almost whole episode )
5.Strong women do bong soon - drinking battle(Ep 6)
6.The Heirs - result scene(Ep 10)
7.My love from the star - Druken scene(Ep11)
8.Extraordinary You - stairs scene(Ep4)
Please share yours too…


Hello @agarwalchan31005_548,
I too have a lot of favourite scenes of Kdramas. I would love to share mine too.

  1. Goblin - Your bofriend in right infront of you, here, me scene
  2. Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo - You will die, I will kill you scene
  3. Descendants of the Sun - The cell phone confession scene
  4. While you were sleeping - The bus stop scene
  5. Suspicious Partner - you are dirty but pretty scene
    And there are many more. Even thinking about these scenes leaves me laughing hard😂.


Weightlifting fairy one is my favourite too, and i haven’t watched while you were sleeping could you tell how it is


haha reading all these and laughing at how much fun all those scenes were!!

  1. Descendants of the Sun: almost everything but the running to stop their gfs from discovering the gift from those girls was so funny…the kiss scene between the two leads where he recites his entire farewell letter to her and “Everyone close your eyes”

  2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: again, almost every scene was hilarious but the badass catching of the bad guy, and that “I won’t ever leave you” scene which got me WEEPING, the wedding scene

  3. Go Back Couple: that scene where he takes care of her during her periods. one of the best kdrama scenes EVER. everybody just switched from team second lead to team main lead in that exact moment, no questions.

  4. Flower of Evil- every scene where she’s aLmOsT about to find his true identity. when he lets go of the knife in the end. :sob::sob::sob:

  5. Secret Life of My Secretary- when he recognises her in the first ep, ending episode

  6. I’m Not A Robot- when he first tests her as a robot, the drunk scene, when there are no secrets between them and they’re just being a couple in love

i could go on forever, but I’ll spare you all and stop now :joy:


Hi @agarwalchan31005_548
I have a lot of scenes that are my favorite but here are some of them:

1.Hwarang - The girl tries to make a joke to her brother but it’s actually not her brother :rofl:.
2.Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - The scene where BongBong punctures the heavy bag.
3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo - Nam Joo Hyuk’s “a…shiroOo” scene
4.The Smile Has Left Your Eyes - “teach me how” scene


This one in 18 Again made rain pour down my face: .:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: