Yunjae is back T-T

If ever you’re late, Jung Yunho (TVXQ) and Kim Jaejoong (JYJ) met and spoke yesterday (2 october) T-T
Let’s spam together cassiopeia!! And, just like this, it was for GFF and they’ll be together until 6 october!!

Yunho clap when Jaejoong sing:

Full MV:

Yunho and Jaejoong speaking backstage (with Yunho’s father + Jaejoong’s sister)

Hug? x)

Jaejoong call Yunho-ah & Yunho touch Jaejoong’s arm

I see what you did her <3

Yunho go say goodbye to Jaejoong after event?

Jaejoong sweet with his mini fangirls~
(fancam at 4.20)

And Yunho with his mini fanboy~

Jaejoong singing Seoshi <3

They played Hug in event and you can see Yunho smiles (Jaejoong was already leave T-T)

Yeah it was all over my facebook yesterday… I’m glad they finally met in public :heart_eyes:

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As a biased Cassie pre JYJ I’ve been following all of this.
How could I ignore it.



Since Yoochun also enlisted and Changmin is supposed to go in this year, what do you think it’d take to orchestrate some event that puts them all in the same place?

GFF 2016. Jaejoong, Yunho and Junsu pass audition for singing and go on fringe stage. Since Changmin will be in police, he’ll have to “help” to security on GFF and Yoochun… MC-ing because Yunho’s place in vacant. Yes, I know. My plan is perfect. I think that I’ll propose it to GFF right now xD

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November 19, isn’t it?
I’m crying already.

I am confused. I am a fan of his singing but I keep seeing him doing performances. I am confused how he is able to do so many while in the military.

That’s because Jaejoong pass audition for GFF and was chosen. There is also the fact that he has a good reputation (because of TVXQ/JYJ and the fact that he is a “Hallyu star”), do army (roka) took the opportunity to put Jaejoong in several events to raise awareness of their regiment (and army). Moreover, Jaejoong have a nice voice. He is talented.
Just a few years ago, the army had an “artistic” department for all promotions, but because of the scandals (Seven & Rain) that some people profited of it, it was remove.
Otherwise, Jaejoong made his regular military service and further of doing events. It’s two times more work for him compared to other soldiers. No wonder he is so exhausted lately.

Nb: Yunho have a bunch of events too in his regiment lately.

That is what I thought when I saw him singing in front of children. I guess there was some sort of backlash because he wore a watch that was over $100,000 watch while in uniform and he by accident he wore the korean flag on his arm upside down. These kstars have to live up to some crazy standards.