Zombie dramas /movies

Looking for one!

I watched the movie Alive yesterday! I prefer Train to Busan or Kingdom.


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Thanks for the titles. Zombie Det is still on air so will wait until it’s complete to begin it.

My place to go for zombies is Netflix. They have quite a few of this genre and I’m catching up with American zombies series like The Walking Dead. They show everything, blood and bowels, but the zombies are slow and don’t have a brain anymore. It becomes repetitive, but we can fast forward for an unlimited time on Netflix, this function is top.
What I didn’t expect was character development, which I found the most interesting in this series, with the group feeling. The settings are quite simple (in the woods most of the time), same for clothes.
I’d like to know the end, who will survive and what will happen then? Is it a dream or everyone will become a zombie or will they find a way against zombies or a permanent shelter after all this?


I loved Pride and Prejudice Zombies. You know me, I’m into the romance :laughing:

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I was a Walking Dead fan , enjoy :+1:. The show is finally wrapping up next year.

If I may recommend - Warm Bodies, Shawn of The Dead, the classic Dawn of the Dead.

Recently saw Alive - it was pretty good.

I think “28 Days later” is a Zombie movie and so is “I am Legend”.

The Resident Evil installments are pretty good too.
I think I saw Rampant - that’s with Hyun Bin right?


Pride and Prejudice Zombies! Is that a real movie or series?

Resident evil!!
Are you into paranormal movies/series too?

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Probably a movie version of one of those classics of English litterature that were rewritten with zombies in them, some years ago … :thinking:

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Ok that’s uncanny :joy: , is it that obvious? Do you like those kind of shows too?

I love those shows even if some of them are kind of lame my latest fave is “The Osbournes, I want to believe” :sweat_smile:

Pride and Prejudice Zombies is a movie. I saw Warm Bodies and I Am Legend. And the Resident Evil series of movies cause I like the strong female lead! Rampant stars Hyun Bin.


LOL I’m eager to watch this Pride and Prejudice Zombies!

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You won’t believe it but. ”happiness “ it’s basically a zombie movie and is really good. It’s about a cop and military girl and it has romance but not too cliche.