18 Again (Kdrama)


18 Again, the Korean remake of the American movie 17 Again, is a drama that I was really looking forward to, but is said to be ‘coming soon’ even though it’s already airing. It also says that they’re still looking for a channel manager. Does anyone know if the fact that there’s no channel manager yet might be a reason why the episodes aren’t uploaded yet? Or will the episodes be uploaded eventually regardless of whether there is a channel manager or not?

[Solved] Korean Drama 18 Again: What is Going On?

I presume the episodes will be uploaded after it finished airing.


I hope so… (earlier would be great too, of course hehe)


It probably just depends on the date of the license Viki bought to broadcast it.
There have already been 105 people who applied for the channel manager position, so I don’t think that’s the problem. :wink:


Oh wow that’s a lot xD


yeah, not all kdramas’ licenses are bought while being aired.
Hoping that will be the case with The Spies Who Loved Me too :upside_down_face:


I just saw on the Viki iOS app that 18 Again will be available on the 18th of January!


Really? Wow, early birthday gift!! :grin:


ok what is going on with 18 Again? It’s been “Coming Soon” ever since it first started airing. It isn’t a fan channel, it’s a legit show. Someone here said something about it probably being available after it finished airing on Korean TV and it has(last episode aired on November 10, 2020). It doesn’t show that it isn’t available in my region like so many are complaining about in the comments, all it shows is that it’s ‘looking for a CM’ since it first entered Viki about a month or more ago. 136 volunteers have applied to be it’s CM. Has this ever happened with another show or is this a first?


Hey @vivi_1485 - This channel is indeed coming soon on Viki. Global broadcast and Viki air dates are sometimes different. :slight_smile:


Thank you for letting us know!


Is it just me or is there anybody else who can’t see the team for the channel?


Same here. And even if there is no team yet, we should at least see a Channel Manager. And if there would be no CM yet, there also would not be a Subtitle Team button to click on … :thinking:


I don’t think the CM has been selected yet :thinking: weird…can’t WAIT!!!


I saw that you are the CM. Good luck with the project!


I just saw the discussions of the drama and it’s all clean and tidy without those “why not in my country?” comments. Must have been a hard job to delete them all, but cheers to the job well done Viki Community! :clinking_glasses:


It looks like many reviews have been deleted too (or actually became invisible).
I have no idea why mine was flagged too though. Not sure what I can do about it either.


@jeslynl good luck with the project, hope you’ll be able to work with an awesome team! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@eurasia If it was flagged by a responsible user, it’s usually because your review may have contained (irresponsible users are always around doing unwanted stuff):

  1. only gushing about a celebrity, which doesn’t count as a review
  2. complaints about subbing/ unavailability in your region/ other complaints which again, are not reviews
  3. was inappropriate in language or any other way
  4. had an advertisement

I don’t think you can do anything about it since it’s already deleted.



You can’t do anything about the deleted one, but you can just write another review without writing what you wrote before or if you Do, write it WHEN the drama becomes available. The drama is not there anyway; so why write a review on something not seen?

If you saw it at another site then add in the review I saw this drama at another site and it was…blah, blah, blah…

Personally, I would block reviews until the drama was available and not while is a Coming Soon for months thing.


I’m pretty sure none of those apply to my review… I’m guessing someone who was busy reporting reviews with complaints about the drama not being available in their region, might have accidentally reported mine too…
Actually the review is not deleted, it just became invisible (unless you go to my profile). So at least my rating still counts. But I tried my best to write a good review because I really like this drama and I hoped I’d be able to show to others why they should give it a shot, so I feel a bit sad about this :confused: . Especially if there’s nothing I can do about it…