18 Again (Kdrama)


Unfortunately I can’t write another one, because my review was just ‘removed in public’. So it looks like I can’t delete it, can’t edit it and can’t write a new one. :frowning:
I wrote the review after the drama finished airing, thinking it’d be uploaded on Viki soon.
I’m not sure if mentioning that you saw it on another site is in accordance with Viki’s rules… at least saying where you saw it isn’t. But I made it pretty clear that I had watched the drama so I don’t think that was the problem :confused:


I agree with you on this.


Maybe it’s just temporarily hidden cause of the report and it will show up again after they checked it and saw nothing was wrong with it? :thinking:


Could be. I hope so…
It’d be sad if every review could disappear because of one report and no one could do anything about it.


I just read your review on your profile and I see nothing wrong with it. In fact you put a lot of effort into it.
In the comment section of 18 Again, though, I don’t see any sign that it was ever there.


I have a feeling your review is there, and will be visible once the drama airs at this site. It was unfair to you bc the way I see it, you went by the book so what they did to you is imo, so unfair. Is not like you wrote a spoiler (you seem to know very well the rules).

Anyway, they always delete some of my comments (removed…removed ugh) they getting so controlling I feel like the site is in a communist country or something like that. They need to chill out bc viewers deserve respect, and deleting our stuff for senseless reasons shows very little respect.


Thank you for having a look at it. I really appreciate that.


That’d be nice, but I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Some other reviews are still visible. I just hope someone from the Viki staff could have a look at it and make it visible again. I sent a request to the help center about two weeks ago, but it looks like it’ll take some time…

Yeah, I really tried to write a detailed review without adding any spoilers :confused:
And it has been reported as ‘inappropriate content’, not as a spoiler.

Really? I remember that a few years ago, it was pretty hard to get comments removed.


Curious about the drama, I watched 17 Again on NF. I am looking forward to see how this series will turn out. Interestingly, I just realized that the Korean version will have a pair of twins for the couple’s children. I happen to have a pair of twins (a boy and a girl) who are 19 years old so this will almost feel like watching my own life story.


Seriously guys, let’s all watch it together as a Watch Party when it actually airs on Viki. It’ll be fun, since we’ve all been waiting together :grin:


I checked again today and it no longer had a date. :disappointed: Hopefully, it will still come out then.

I would love to watch it together!


It’s visible again! :smiley:


Yay! :flags::sparkler::tada::moon_cake::champagne:


It now says it’s coming out on 19th Jan! Also, the teasers have been uploaded.


The first episode will be available in two days!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck:
I’m slightly confused, though-- no subbing/ segging team??


It’s suddenly not available anymore in my region. Or at least that’s what it says on the show page. Might be a mistake … :thinking:


It says that for me too!! :sob::sob: awww Viki, please have mercy!!


Same for me. What’s going on?


It has happened a few times that an upcoming show was temporarily “unavailable” to me, but by the time it aired it was available again, so let’s hope that will be the case now too.
Lol, it once even happened with a show I was going to work on and I already saw myself having to tell the CM that I couldn’t be a part of it anymore … But luckily it was available again before airing.


I think it’s gone now.