18 Again (Kdrama)



So the part where it says that it’s not available is gone, right? I don’t see it.


Yes. So it must have had something to do with the license.


yeah its gone, but there’s still no team…and its available today


Would no-one be interested? :thinking:
Or is there a subtitle restriction?


It’s definitely not that no one is interested. 18 Again was a very popular drama that dominated its time slot while it was airing-- I followed every update :grin:


I applied as a german moderator and I can only speak for the german language, we got the info that there will be no german subtitles (accordingly no german team), because it is regulated by contract. I think this will affect several languages.


:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: This is (as far as I know) the only legal site in the West where you can watch this drama… if only English subtitles are allowed (and perhaps they might not even be written by people from Viki), people are still going to want to watch it somewhere else :confused:


Or decide not to watch it, because they can’t find subtitles in their language.
It’s such a good drama, I don’t understand why they make it so difficult for viewers to watch it.

(they = the people who decide where this drama can be viewed, not the people from Viki)

Unless there’s a dvd of it in a bunch of different languages.


If there’s not even an English team, it probably comes presubbed. We all know what that means … :roll_eyes:
So the viewers will not be satisfied because they will either have bad subs or no subs, and the CM will have a very boring job.


It’s online now. And subbed…

Edit: At least the subs fit Viki’s style :slight_smile: (the way names are written, not turning words like ahjussi into names).


I wonder if Viki volunteers can still make corrections. (I saw a typo in the subs)


CM is a Viki Staff


There are no volunteers, only Viki herself has the ability to do that.


Then I guess I’ll just notify the channel manager.


Yeah, that’s probably for the best if she’s not even allowed to put a team together.


I almost shed tears seeing the first video pop up, available to watch :sweat_smile:


I never ever watch dramas with episodes not still available because it’s hell to wait, but I made an exception.
Just finished the two available eps, and WOW! :heart_eyes: I’m loving the cinematography, colour scheme and the OST and the SFX that totally make the drama funnier. The writers are making very, very good use of the extra 14 hours they’re getting…so many explanations and back-stories! It’s like they took the BEST scenes of the original movie and omitted out the not-so-nice ones. What’s also interesting is how very Korean they’ve made it.:smile:
The actors are all familiar faces and I really am loving the main character. He’s so good at his role!! The craziest thing is they actually have chemistry!! :scream:I just try not to think about the actual actors and what it must have been like filming the scenes :flushed:
In those two episodes, I laughed like anything (the Avengers scene was the best! :joy:), thought “Wowwww, he is SO cool” and even cried at the epilogue.
I don’t totally understand the reason for their divorce though…WHAT was all that about the pillow and snoring???

I also feel quite sorry for those who don’t understand Korean, because the subtitles don’t always give the drama justice. In the epilogue of Ep 1, the subtitles say, “I’m sorry, I’m very sorry” leading the viewers to think he’s apologizing to his wife. He’s actually saying “Dad is sorry, Dad is very sorry” to the unborn kids, and that’s what made me shed tears. He finally accepted the situation and his place as the twins’ dad.


I think they just showed a moment when Da Jung was annoyed at her husband. They haven’t shown the actual reason for their divorce yet.

Do you think ‘‘Dad (/Daddy) is sorry’’ sounds natural? If so, you can send a message to the channel manager with that suggestion, and it might be changed. I agree that it would make that scene much better if the viewers understand that that’s what he’s saying. (I think most people who understand ‘sunbae’ also understand ‘appa’, but still).


It obviously doesn’t sound natural in common spoken English, but I’ve seen it in a lot of dramas. I think we can sacrifice grammar for depth…:woman_shrugging:
I watched it again with my family and none of them caught the “Appa” even though they’ve watched three k-dramas before and “Appa” is used to address dads in India too. For people who aren’t used to the language, it all just sounds like a stream of words. :sweat_smile: