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:pleading_face: This is my share, I am so not happy :frowning: :
They’ve played characters we’d debate over :pensive: (>0<;) ⋋✿ ⁰ o ⁰ ✿⋌ :worried:
Our real life celebrity couple divorced!

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Oh no, they divorced.:pensive:
I loved them in the Story of Ming Lan.


Looks like it’s all done on paper, I am so sad about this :frowning:

You know what I think? That they fall in love with the character they play, but the real person is far from the real ‘‘them.’’ Sadly, if I’m not mistaken they went through very rough times from the beginning, and that didn’t helped the relationship. But i have this weird feeling that they might go back together at some point in their life. Their love seemed very real but their decisions were too fast just like the marriage and having the baby. Hopefully they’ll find each other again.

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You said what I thought, but didn’t share:

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[Sports Jingxiang] [ # South Korea Passes the Child Parents Cannot Inherit Property] When parents violate their child-rearing obligations or abuse their children, they will lose the inheritance rights of the heirs. This content is also known as “Koo Hola Law”.

Recently, according to the Fourth Healthy Family Basic Plan proposed by the Ministry of Women and Family, the government will discuss the use of the above-mentioned “Kura Method”.

Prior to this, Goo Hara made an extreme choice and passed away in November 2019. His biological father gave up part of his inheritance to Goo Hara’s brother, but his biological mother, who has been unable to contact him for 20 years, requested the inheritance, which caused controversy.

According to the current Korean civil law, in addition to hurting the heir or forging a will, inheritance can be carried out without fulfilling the obligation of parenting.

In response, Koo Hara’s brother filed a lawsuit against his biological mother regarding inheritance of property. The court held that “the survivor and the biological mother accept the inheritance at a ratio of 6 to 4”, and the judgment should recognize the contribution of the biological father who raised the child alone.

In connection with this, Goo Hara’s brother filed a civil law amendment petition in March this year, demanding that those who have not fulfilled their obligations of support cannot inherit property. Since then, the bill was approved by more than 100,000 people, but it failed to pass in the 20th Congress and was automatically abandoned.

At 6:09 in - :smiley: ! Nirvana In Fire 3? :thinking:To 7:11 out!

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June 14, 2021


Actor Jung Il Woo signs with new agency. . . Entertainment

This is old, but I found the headline really funny :joy:


Shoo! Shake 'em up yes! :joy::joy:

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Zhao Liying, & Feng Shaofeng - Update [quote=“angelight313_168, post:4, topic:37580”]
i have this weird feeling that they might go back together at some point in their life. Their love seemed very real [quote]
Speculations surrounding their divorce.
Starting at 9:11 to 11:13 https://youtu.be/HbUhPOTC5iE

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I’m so disgusted how this mother in laws no matter what country they are from; destroy marriages and the poor kids chance of being raised by both parents. ONCE a ‘‘mama’s boy’’ they will die a ‘‘mama’s boy’’ even after the mother dies. I lived 17 years dealing with a monster mother in law, and when she died, I kind of thought things would work out. But when on her death bed she pleaded to me to stay with her boy bc he couldn’t survive all alone, I realized how selfish she was, and had the pleasure to tell her: No, now is too late for that.

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Yup, it’s very damaging when negativity rules the day. I am glad Zhao Liying kept her sanity. Boundaries. I do agree on them being still in love.

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I don’t know if her love for him is strong enough to put up with a ‘‘mama’s boy’’ and a domineering mother-in-law. In all honesty, I hope she doesn’t bc she will be wasting her precious time, and will never be FULLY happy with him. She’s beautiful, independent and can move on to find a good, down to earth real man. The voice of experience speaks…

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SO SHOCK JUST SAW THIS IN THE NEWS. I hope is not true bc they are very severely punished in tha country, if it was true

Chinese-Canadian Pop Singer Kris Wu Detained on Suspicion of Rape

The rapper’s detainment by Chinese police follows allegations made by a 19-year-old former fan, who accused Wu of having sex with her while she was drunk.


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Whoa! :astonished: