Depending on which device you’re watching on, you could try to adjust the look of the subs so that they get grey/black background.

I think most new Chinese hard-sub dramas have those by default n a computer. But the older ones might not. If you find one of those old ones, you can report it to Viki directly. It’s a relatively easy job for their computer engineers.

Because the process of changing subtitle appearance is much easier than reuploading a new clean video, synchronizing the segments and then uploading all the subs for various languages, Viki chooses not to do the latter.

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Thank you Bozoli. App that I have installed on TV has subtitles positoned so that hardcoded subtitles are larger more prominent. Solution would be to enlarge subtitles but than they are enormous. But its only one series, so I am ashamed of myself for nitpicking hahaha Thank you again for answering

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No need to feel ashamed at all! What you find difficult or lacking is probably also difficult and lacking for many others. And if you can voice out some concerns, it can help others. Everyone and everything needs constant improvement, Viki included.

Here is a link to open an issue with Viki:

I would classify this as a technical issue. Try to specify which series, on which device, has which problem with subs.

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Title: South Wind Knows 南风知我意
Premiere: 09.12.23

Licensed and Coming Soon to Viki! :grinning:


to be deleted

S2 of Lost You Forever Passed Review! ! :smiley:

See Marcus Here!

:wink::+1:t5: Let’s get a head start! Put in your request for S2! Here’s the form.


I Am Nobody is a :cool: drama I Am Nobody (2023) - MyDramaList

Native Titles, & Novel Adaptation

I immediately decide I’d like to see this on Viki, after reading the synopsis from your link.
Viki’s Title Request Form!

Zhang Chu Lan, an ordinary young man, gets entangled in an unprecedented world of “Outsiders” when his grandfather’s body mysteriously disappears. Facing unexpected pursuit from the Sinister Pleasure, a relentless organization, and the sudden appearance of an enigmatic girl named Feng Bao Bao, he decides to no longer hide his superpower.

As he delves into his grandfather’s past, he gradually becomes part of the world of outsiders, where the mysteries of history start to unravel. The martial arts technique taught to him by his grandfather, known as Qi Apotheosis, is one of the Eight Supreme Skills being sought after by many martial arts groups with ulterior motives. He then met Wang Ye in the Martial Arts Tournament, an outsider who mastered one of the Eight Supreme Skills: Gate of Gale. Wang Ye’s motives were to explain to him how heavy his fate is and also to follow the advice of his grandmaster. Behind it all lies a shocking secret, and Feng’s mysterious origins seem to hold the key to the truth.

The young outsiders fight shoulder to shoulder to overcome the challenges and become friends who have each other’s backs. On their journey of growth, each one searches for their sense of righteousness, while a battle between good and evil looms on the horizon…

(Source: ■■■■■; edited by MyDramaList)

~~ Adapted from the web comic “Under One Person” (一人之下) by Mi Er (米二).



New c drama


Marcus Here! Updates.

Blood of Youth Prequel, wrapped filming.

The Young Brewmaster’s Adventure is the official named prequel to The Blood of Youth.

Land of Warriors, wrapped filming.


ich möchte bitte Hidden love mit deutschen untertitel sehen

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First you have to ask Viki to buy the licence for “Hidden Love”:


Wie @bozoli schon geschrieben hat, hat Viki die Lizenz für dieses Drama nicht, daher gibt es dieses Drama auch nicht bei Viki. Du musst es bei Viki anfragen und so signalisieren, dass Interesse an dem Drama besteht. Das kannst du über das Formular machen, welches bozoli gepostet hat.
Wenn das Drama zu Viki kommen sollte, kannst du sicher sein, dass sich dafür ein deutscher Moderator finden wird, um es mit seinem Team zu übersetzen.

Premiere: 10.2.23 (It’s official!)

Channel+License needed! :pray::muscle:


Title: The Heart 问心
Premiere: 10.07.23

Channel+License needed! :pray::muscle:


Title: Loving You
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama
MDL link, if any: Loving You (2023) - MyDramaList
Douban link, if any: 甜蜜的你 (豆瓣)
Synopsis, if you’d like to include: Tao You You is a veterinarian who dreamed of studying human medicine and wanted to realize her dream of changing careers by studying abroad. However, there were unexpected changes in the family, and she had to take over her father’s Taotao Veterinary Hospital. Just as the hospital was facing bankruptcy, You You accidentally met Ke Mi, the president of the veterinary drug company Luchuan Group, and the two worked together in secret to start a business.


This channel is already created and the drama licensed


I thought it was.

Here is the channel, already here on Viki. :blush: The title is just a bit different.
Per jadecloud88 this is a different drama from 2021, see her post below for the 2023 correct drama. :wink:

Huh?? :anguished:? So, my link is not it?


It premiered today (locally)! A different title now.

Viki has the channel! It’s licensed and coming soon! :heart_eyes:

Here’s the official trailer (YT version):

PS: @leerla73 That’s a different drama (from 2021).


i want eternal faith to be added to viki…i really want to watch it but i can’t find it anywhere and the novel version is great