Title: Dr. Tang 《关于唐医生的一切》ON-AIR
Genre: Modern, Medicine
MDL link:
Douban link:
Synopsis: The drama tells the story of Tang Jiayu, a female cardiac surgeon who has been practicing medicine abroad for many years. She was invited by Vice President Liu Feng to return to China to serve as the director of the Heart Center at Beijing Anhe Jisheng Hospital. From just being acquainted with Ouyang Zhenyu, the director of the medical department, to gradually developing into a confidant with Ye Yiming, an anesthesiologist. At the same time, she led five members of the ICU team: Jiang Bailie, Long Xiangdong, Qin Dazhong, Zhou Da, and Liao Xiaobo to jointly treat 28 rare heart disease cases, and in the continuous growth boosted the successful development of the domestic “full magnetic levitation artificial heart,” rewriting the history of cardiac surgery in China, and at the same time realize self-redemption and harvest happiness.
Starring: Qin Lan, Wei Daxun, Huang Jue, Gao Lu




Title: You Are My Glory 《你是我的荣耀》COMPLETED - AIRED 2021
Genre: Romance, modern, gaming (e-sports),
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Synopsis: A story that follows an aerospace engineer Yu Tu and the shining star Qiao Jing Jing. A decision is made to start gaming in order to save her endorsement deal brings her face to face with an old crush. As they grow closer, the two forge ahead to become each other’s glory. (MDL)
Starring: Yang Yang, Dilraba Dilmurat


Update : :mega: : Immortal Samsara has obtained its online distribution licence today :tada:( Youku )

So some rumors are circulating about the release date of the drama and the number of episodes in total as the drama is divided into two parts. First part : 沉香如屑, Second part : 沉香重华.

Rumor 1 : Immortal Samsara is either tentatively scheduled to air on July 20th or in August.
Sources : Twitter : @Star Dramachaser, Weibo , YingPingShuo

Rumor 2 : The drama would not have 60 episodes in total but 80 but apparently during the promotion conference which took place on June 29th, it was said that it was 60 episodes, so we’ll see during the official announcement ! :grinning:
Sources : Twitter : @Star Dramachaser, MyDramalist : Comments

Drama : Immortal Samsara - 沉香如屑 (2022)

Oh yes, I would love to watch this one! :blush:


@iashley @aznative

We have a fan channel for it now.


Thanks for the heads up. :grinning:


I need this c-drama on viki!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck::star_struck:
It’s about to debut in August of this year!


oh my gosh… I think we have a channel now, I literally just refreshed the page and it said unlicensed before, and now it is ‘coming soon’ and I can see episodes that are going to be released in like 5 days!!

I’m really excited lols. Literally one of my favourite dramas for the year!


Uptade :mega: : Immortal Samsara Part. 1 starring Cheng Yi & Yang Zi is broadcast today on Youku ! :tada:
Weibo New Trailer :
Broadcast link : Youku
Broadcast link : PangZi Tv
Broadcast link : Youtube Episodes Playlist
Viki licensed Page :
-> Title Request Form :émission-de-Télévision-ou-un-film

Drama : Immortal Samsara - 沉香如屑 (2022)

Updated/Added 11 Chinese dramas just licensed (including 2 films) here:


Coming soon!


Title: A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子
Genre: Historical, romance, comedy
MDL link:
Douban link:
Synopsis: She wants to fulfil her older brother’s last wish - to study in the Imperial College. On the way, she also makes a gamble to make Yan Yun Zhi, the number one young master of Yan Kingdom, accept her embroidered pouch and her invitation to the Lantern Festival. If she does not succeed, she must replace the famed musician to perform in the festival. Initially, Sang Qi thought this would be an easy task. However she was chased away each and every time she went to Yan Manor. After numerous begging and persuasion attempts by her father, the Emperor finally accepts Sang Qi’s requests to enroll into the Imperial College. Thus with her good childhood friend Zhuo Wen Yuan and other brocade-uniformed young masters, she embarks on campus life and becomes the only female student to be enrolled in the Imperial College in history.
Starring: Xu Kai Cheng & Zhao Lu Si


We already have a channel. For me its is as “coming soon”.


I didn’t know! Thank you so much!! <3


@bzbz888 Your wish came true! :wink: I haven’t watched it yet (too many good dramas lol) but the fans are all over this CP’s “hot” chemistry lol.

Me too. Hope it (The Comic Bang) will. :star_struck:


Immortal Samsara is licensed.


Title : Lost in the Kunlun Mountains
Genre : Mystery, Adventure, Period
Soompi forum link :迷航昆仑墟-starring-xu-kai-zhong-chu-xi/
MDL link :
Douban link :
Weibo link :
Synopsis :
During the Republic of China, the gifted and kind-hearted Ding Yunqi who is in the process of investigating the bizarre disappearance of his brother accidentally discovers the secret of the Kunlun Ruins.

While searching for his brother, Ding Yunqi crosses paths with Luo Yunsong, a warlord who profits from smuggling cultural relics and is hellbent on taking the treasures of Kunlun for himself. Ding Yunqi relies on his ingenuity to outsmart his enemies in an attempt to resolve an impending crisis all while experiencing tests of love, friendship and betrayal. He eventually inherits his brother’s will to guard the miracles of the Kunlun Ruins. (Source: DramaWiki)
Starring : Xu Kai, Zhong Xu Xi, Wang Yang and Zhang Xin Yu



I just found this on Monday, July 25.


Viki is very giving is some content. It’s been a while from wuxia period here. Then it’s coming back with other big Chinese productions. Now we have on the plateform : love like the galaxy, immortal Samsara, a female student arrive in imperial palace, the autumn balad and dream of splendor. It’s very hard to choose which one the watch first. But it’s even hard to choose which one to work on as a moderator. I’m in but I’m would like to work on everything as they all are wonderful dramas. It doesn’t matter :joy: I’ll be a nolife one in order to watch everything !


Someone opened the floodgates of highly anticipated wuxia works! One of my favorite sayings, 'so many dramas, so little time. Choose wisely . . . :grin:
It’s thanks to you and the many wonderful people in volunteer community that makes Viki so special.