This is literally my saying tooooo (but in Polish, so sounds a bit different :wink:)!
When I read it, I was like, “This is me!” :blush:
High-five :raised_hands:


This needs a CM. Any takers? I cannot even earmark it to the watchlist tab, or my following tab. :confused:



I would be glad to take on the CM role, but it’s not just up to me, and I’m sure there are plenty of applications, it’s just that except from rumors (the last one I heard said August 10 but at this rate I’m not trusting rumors anymore), there isn’t an airing date yet.

I’m quite sure you already tried but… have you tried to follow it on the coming soon page? As for the watchlist, I can only add it to my watchlist on the app, you can also follow the channel on the app.


I did it on the App!! :ok_woman:t5:‍♀ Yayy!! :bowing_woman:t5: I can do both! I can ring the bell, :bell: and add it to the watchlist :white_check_mark: :blush: I first pulled it up by doing a direct search by name.

At about the 1:40 mark, Marcus talks about it, his post, and most I’ve found have been out since last year. Including this trailer.

Fingers cross :crossed_fingers:t5: you’ll get picked for the CM :blush:


Yayy! I’m glad you was able to add it to your watchlist and follow the channel. :smiley:

Thank you, let’s wait and see. Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


Marcus’s update


Thank you. I need to catch up on videos from Marcus.
I read about the reunion of “The Princess Agents” leads and hope Vikiers will be able to watch. Doesn’t seem like five years since I watched “The Princess Agents”.


Title : love never fails
Details : 40 episodes, not yet aired but scheduled for 2022
Genre : historical, romance, fantasy
MDL link :
Synopsis : Jin Xiu, the King of the Central Heavens, intended to help a little camellia demon become immortal but he became mortal for her in the end.

At the Flower Festival held once every 100 years in the heavenly realm, camellia demon Hong Ning boldly confessed to Jin Xiu her intention to become his queen. When she is told that demon and god can never be, she takes his advice to heart to cultivate and achieve immortality. Upon her ascension, Hong Ning learns that Jin Xiu is marrying someone else. She resolutely abandons an immortal life to enter the cycle of reincarnation, simply to forget him. Jin Xiu defies fate itself in order for Hong Ning to be reborn. He hopes to repay his debts and protect her for a lifetime. A misunderstanding that cannot be avoided, an identity for which there is no escape; when spring ends, the two meet again. Hong Ning is destined to become Jin Xiu’s trial in love.

Ps : I really want to see those two again together !




Your laugh for the day


This is an awesome drama. The plot, the CP, the costumes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: them all… I enjoyed it very much. Highly recommend it!

Thanks to everyone who “wished” (submitted forms) :wink: for it, and to Viki too, it’s COMING SOON to for more to enjoy! :slight_smile:


It’s on! 6 episodes are up! But hmm… no volunteer team? Is this another K-like channel? English subtitles only? :thinking:
In any case, I’m HAPPY! Bet many of you are too. :heart_eyes:



I saved the trailer found on YouTube to watch, this is a lovely surprise. Thanks!


It was weird. Viki uploaded first 6 episodes before choosing a cm. It has been nominated on this afternoon, so teams are coming.


Hi I would like to see Glory of the special forces from this year


Novoland: Pearl Eclipse got licensed!! :heart:


:speaking_head::mega: CM position still open!

Any takers? :pray:t5: Someone, anyone, :bowing_woman:t5: and Thank you! :blush::blush::blush:


That’s awesome! Thanks for the good news! Although it’s hard to know when it will be available, it’s still a good sign. Thank you, Viki!

No worries. This FC was up a long time ago, and when I last checked some time ago, there were many applications already.

I just hope a responsible (not an “abuser”) CM will be assigned.


On air, drama Ode to Joy 3 with all new cast.