Title: The Ingenious One《云襄传》 (Rumored to premiere soon! Perhaps another flash premiere)

Genre: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Drama

MDL link:

Starring: Chen Xiao and Mao Xiaotong


Another Chen Xiao’s historical project, right after A Dream of Splendor! The CP’s amazing chemistry between him and Li Yifei is hard to beat, but let’s see… Methinks he’s really suited for historicals! Mao Xiaotong’s first meaty historical role, apparently. The teasers look promising! They look good! Let’s hope Viki will bring it to international viewers here.

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Title: Heart Signal 5th Season(2022)
Genres: Friendship, Romance, Variety Show.
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Synopsis: What can happen when complete strangers live together under one roof? A Chinese variety show that brings together a group of strangers to live together in the same “Signal Cabin” in Shanghai, China, for 30 days. Angelababy, Wu Xin, Lee Seung Hyun, Meng Zi Yi, and Wang Su Long. are panelists who pass commentary from their front-row seats on all the interactions of the housemates. What conflicts and connections develop among the new housemates?
Starring: Angelababy, Wu Xin, Lee Seung Hyun, Meng Zi Yi, Wang Su Long.


Title: Story of Kunning Palace 《宁安如梦》
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama
MDL link:
Starring: Bailu, Zhang Linghe, Wang Xingyue, Zhou Junwei, Liu Xuening…


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Drama name: 《胆小鬼》(Nobody Knows) AIRED AND FINISHED
Genre: Crime, Suspense, Youth
MDL link:
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Synopsis: In 2001, a 17-year-old girl named Huang Shu was murdered but the killing method was unknown. Ten years later, a similar case occured, but the prime suspect is already dead, and the case is thrown into a fog. Dust-covered sins were caught off guard and broke into the reality of life, revealing a youthful past buried deep among five boys and girls. The piles of incidents colluded with the complexity of human nature… The evil intentions of children is pure, while the kind intentions of adults is complicated. Is it true that you and I were both sinners?
Starring: Ou Hao, Wang Yuwen, Wang Yanhui, Hou Wenyuan, Zhou Yiran


Title : Hu Tong
Genre : Historical, Romance, Life, Drama
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Synopsis : Tian Zao has been engaged in grassroots work since the early days of liberation. She eventually becomes a leader of the resident’s committee and serves the people for 70 years. She participated in catching spies, curbing illiteracy and led the masses to donate handicrafts to the volunteer army.

During the era of reform, she encouraged her daughter to succeed her line of work. Tian Zao did not leave her post even after she retired. When she reached the age of 90, her granddaughter has become the new leader of the resident’s committee. (Source: cdramainfo)
Starring : Zhao Lusi, Guan Xiao Tong, Elvira Cai, Neo Hou, Lin Yi and Liu Huan


Title : Hidden Love (2023)
Genre : Comedy, Romance, Youth
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Synopsis : ??
~ Adapted from the novel “Tou Tou Cang Bu Zhu” by Zhu Yi ~

Starring : Zhao Lusi and Chen Zhe Yuan


Title: (2023) Road Home《归路》
Genre: Romance
MDL link:
Starring: Jing Boran and Tan Songyun

A story about former lovers reunited after ten years to find their road home follows investment director Gui Xiao and Explosive Ordnance Disposal police Lu Yan Chen.
Gui Xiao and Lu Yan Chen were each other’s first love. As Lu Yan Chen left to join the police academy, Gui Xiao’s family experiences drastic changes. Their relationship from their school days simply comes to an end. When they meet again after eight years, the words “I’ll recognize you even when you turn into ashes” make them realize that they still miss each other. Two years later in a snowy border town, Gui Xiao and her friend are stranded. In desperation, Gui Xiao dials Lu Yan Chen’s number. (Source:


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This looks promising. This CP is well-known for their “unbridled” performances. Let’s see what surprises they will bring us in this project. Can’t wait!


Title: Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty《唐朝诡事录》(Premiered on 9.27.22/IQIYI)
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Wuxia
MDL link:
When the dark evil immortal descended from heaven, and the mysterious underground ghost palace was revealed, a strange herb named the Black Tea suddenly took Chang’an City by storm. However, no one knows whether it is a healthy medicine or one that could harm people. Cases of missing brides in Chang’an City began occurring one after another, which seems to be inextricably linked to the black tea…
Ling Feng, general of the Jin Wu guards was tasked to investigate these cases. On his journey, he meets his strongest opponent in Su Wu Ming, the disciple of Di Ren Jie. The two of them work together to solve these mysterious cases.(Source: DramaWiki)
Starring: Yang Xuwen, Yang Zhigang, and Gao Siwen


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Finally COMING SOON on Viki (and the posters are newly updated! :sunglasses::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Highly recommend these! If you haven’t watched them elsewhere yet, don’t miss them!


Title: Falling Into You 《炽道》(Premiered today! 9.29.22/Youku)
Genre: Romance, Drama, Sports
MDL link:
Pursuing a dream is a very cruel thing, you have to experience injuries, failures, and loneliness that none can understand. But pursuing a dream is also very sweet, because every bit of joy of improvement can transcend the pain of the body and the doubts of others. Starting from the school-level competition, then to the municipal, provincial, National University Games, and the National Athletics Championships, Duan Yu Cheng climbed step by step. No matter how far he goes, there is only one thing that will never change - the blazing track is his only belief. (Source: Youku YouTube)
Starring: Jin Chen and Wang Anyu


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This CP is so adorable!


AHH! I’m actually too scared to watch 《周生如故》. Everyone says its really good though.


It’s COMING SOON on Viki! :sunglasses: :dancing_women:

@aznative Thank you for the heads up! :kissing_heart:

It is indeed. Don’t miss it! (Try lol) :sweat_smile:


You’re welcome! :blush::cactus:


MarcusHere! ask:
Do you skip while watching Chinese dramas?
I skip, especially if flashbacks are over done, or the lines between characters deviate, and prove unnecessary to the plot.


Official confirmation - to premiere on 10.13.22 (TENCENT)
Finally! :heart_eyes::star_struck:



Can’t wait




^^^New poster with the premiere date.

BUT, oh NO! It has officially been held back and delayed, with no definite schedule…
Reason? Technical issues. Blah! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Surprise! Light Chaser Rescue is licensed. Viki release October 14, 2022.