Hehe me too :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wow! Thanks for the good news! :kissing_heart:
How did you find it? I looked at the list as shown (in the new layout) and I don’t see this title at all :roll_eyes: (I bet more are hidden as well). Pray tell! :pray:

Another comedy? And with this CP? Can’t wait!
Thank you. :heart_eyes:


You’re welcome.
I saw something on Twitter and searched for it here, and there it was.

Looks like “Are You Safe” is licensed too. Loved Tan Jian Ci in “Under the Skin”!

P.S. I’ve found that the coming soon list (on Viki’s Roku app on my TV) seems to be a complete list of coming soon…films and tv series. In light of this fact, I think there’s a programming ‘glitch’ that doesn’t allow us to find the complete list on
I counted 67 coming soon items which followed “The Eternal Love 3” the last show listed on Coming Soon on



Hope that are you safe is good


Ah, I see. Good to know. Thanks again.

That many, 67? Maybe I should get a R device or a R-TV haha. I could see less than a third of that on :no_mouth: I counted, only 20, and the last show listed is “This Guy is the BIggest Mistake in My Life.” Thus far, I still am not sure if it’s a temp glitch or an intended “revamp” of the pages and categories.

I wonder if this is also a glitch or is the “revamp” in the works going bilingual…



You can see some here (Sorted by Channel Manager / Mainland China):
But there are more that appear on Viki’s Roku app for my TV.

@ale_sandra99_933 Check out these posts with me and @jadecloud88


Mine appears the “new soon”, but the complete list doesn’t appear!!


I think there is a technical problem because I think this happened when Viki changed the format of “Coming Soon” listing of dramas and movies.


Try this link to see the coming soon For the old coming soon, sort by “new” channel, the link only works for the first page .

The suggestion of @aznative was to check the project finder by channel manager. But to me its shows the channels that are already licensed and not “new channel created - unlicensed/license”.


The complete page has now appeared by this reference link you gave me @ale_sandra99_933


I think it’s a little buggy. I went into “categories” and then clicked on “new & coming soon” the page opens, but with “coming soon” incomplete. There is no way to enter, as you can see in the image:


Yes. I opened a ticket about it.

Viki answered thanking about let it know the problem.

Maybe, if more people open a ticket too, Viki will fix more quickly.


Thanks so much.


Title : Forbidden Love
Genre : Historical, Romance
MDL link :
Douban link : [
Weibo link :
Synopsis : The story revolves around the youngest daughter of the Bu family, Bu Yin Lou entering the palace in the place of her elder sister and a palace romance ensues.

When eunuch Xiao Duo helped the crown prince to ascend to the throne, the female lead who should have been buried together was rescued. They got along well. In the process of gradual interaction, they gradually developed true love and the story thus unfolded. (Source: Jaynestars; Cpophome)
Starring : Dylan Wang, Chen Yu Qi





Show Request Form :point_down:t5:


“Forbidden Love” got licensed!!!
Thank you guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Adesso è disponibile su Viki , ma mi par di capire che non ha una seconda stagione, sembra finito così.


Grazie. I watched it. :grinning:


Trailers Released Today

Historical Dramas

~ Story of Kunning Palace (2023)~

~Love You Seven Times (2022)~

If you want to see these dramas on viki, please, fill out the Request Form:


Thanks so much for sharing. I remember watching Zhang Ling He in his first drama “Maiden Holmes” (2021) and enjoying his performance as Chang Heng in “Love Between Fairy and Devil”. Didn’t realize he was only 24 years old.
Requested “Story of Kunning Palace”.


He was great in Maiden Holmes, and I think after I watch Story of Kunning Palace next year, he’ll become one of my favorites actors!
The trailer seems promising and I love Bai Lu, so I’m super excited to watch this drama. :heart_eyes_cat:
OMG!! He’s only 24 years old?! :scream::scream: