“Sword and Fairy” aka Chinese Paladin Season 6 (2023) wrapped filming in November 2022.


I’d like to see Only For Love when it comes out next year.

  • Currently filming (Upcoming drama)
  • Romance genre
  • Also known as Cuo Liao and Accidental Love
  • Starring Wang He Di/ Dylan Wang and Bai Lu
  • To air on Hunan and Mango TV

I’m not sure if it will be any good, and there are a lot of Chinese romance genre shows out there/on Viki already, but after Dylan Wang’s performance in Love Between Fairy and Devil, pretty much anything he does in the future will be interesting to observe.



Title: Li ren xin shang

More Info:


The drama Song of the Moon will premiere on December 15. Sadly, no Viki channel yet.


I’ve been checking for a fan channel.
I just added a teaser from YT and title request form link to Vin Zhang’s channel.

Maybe we can get more support for licensing.
Title Request Form:


Trying my best to keep this Discussion page up-to-date.


Zhang Ling He (Love Between Fairy and Devil) returns with Bai Lu in
Story of Kunning Palace. Scheduled for a 2023 release.
Title Request Form:


Sword and fairy with Xu Kai already out teaser…



Thanks for sharing these channels @teufelchen_netty_266.

I’ve updated the channels and shared them here: 2021 C-DRAMA -- Channels Created / Licensed


Girls we have trailer of Fireworks of my heart with Yang Yang :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Unfortunately I found it without English subsss


Could Viki…air old drama “Justice Bao” or Bao Zheng ?


Who needs English subs when Yang Yang is a fireman? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You should ask for it by filling out the standard Viki form:


Thank you…yes, I’m new here…thank you again


Hi I want to see this drama next year too.


Of course! It’s a good watch! Actually, any drama with Xu Kai would be a good watch lol.
As of now, still not on
Let’s try :wink:


Put in another request form for The Ingenious One.
Sina is ‘forecasting’ the drama will premiere in January 2023 according to Marcus here! January 3, 2023 YT video.




Requested it, as well. Would you keep me posted on this drama, particularly if you see Viki opening a channel for it?