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Title : Wulin Heroes (01/29/2023)
Genre : Wuxia, Comedy, Romance
MDL link :
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Synopsis : Ye Xi, a kind-hearted and good-natured girl, aspires to become a pugilistic hero of her generation. Having no experience in Jianghu, she harbors a beautiful fantasy toward the Wulin as well as love. Ye Xi whole-heartedly helps the weak but does not understand the sinister side of the human heart. She is used by, lied to, and betrayed by the people she trusts; causing her reputation to be tarnished and her life almost taken. However, despite these repeated blows, Ye Xi does not forget her original intention and believes that justice naturally inhabits man’s heart. She sets out to investigate the truth and prove her innocence. During her journey, she meets divine doctor Bai Yue, who silently protects her and goes through life-and-death with her. Ye Xi also matures in the process, becoming more confident and strong; and also finally understands true love as well as the spirit of wuxia. With Bai Yue’s help, Ye Xi exterminates the scums who framed her and caused harm to Jianghu. Bai Yue also uses his medical skills to treat the people who were bewitched. From then on, the Wulin regains its upright aura and returned to the avenue of chivalry. (Source: DramaWiki)

Starring : Li Hong Yi, Huang Ri Ying and Zhu Zan Jin.

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Title : The Hidden God / Shen Yin (2023)
Genre : Wuxia, Fantasy, Romance
MDL link :
Weibo link :神隐官微?from=feed&loc=at
Synopsis : After twenty-seven sad premature deaths, Ayin walked across Naihe Bridge to seek justice from the ghost monarch. Xiuyan told her that there were only two possibilities for such bad luck: one was that she had offended a great figure in the gods, and the other was that she herself was a great figure.

Ayin scoffed at this, since the True God Bai Jue died and the ancient world was closed, there were no great figures in the Three Realms. Only after a long time that Ayin realized that Xiuyan’s answer was correct. It’s a pity that in the Three Realms there is no place for Ayin.

When she jumped into Wangchuan for the last time, she finally figured out one thing, that the demon, god, and the devil didn’t live long in the Three Realms. Demons, gods, and devils, born in the world, will always be annihilated, such as her. (Source: NovelUpdate)

Starring : Zhao Lu Si and Wang An Yu.

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Confirmed partial list of upcoming dramas slated for 2023. These are from IQIYI, in no particular order other than as per their respective images.

《长风渡》白敬亭Bai Jingting / 宋轶Song Yi
《归路》井柏然Jing Boran / 谭松韵Tan Songyun
《狐妖小红娘•月红篇》杨幂Yang Mi / 龚俊Gong Jun

《莲花楼》成毅Cheng Yi / 曾舜晞Zeng Shunxi
《宁安如梦》白鹿Bai Lu / 张凌赫Zhang Linghe
《七时吉祥》杨超越Yang Chaoyue / 丁禹兮Ding Yuxi

《无忧渡》任嘉伦Ren Jialun / 宋祖儿Song Zuer
《显微镜下的大明》张若昀Zhang Ruoyun / 戚薇Qi Wei
《云襄传》陈晓Chen Xiao / 毛晓彤Mao Xiaotong

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Title: Love Heals aka Have a Crush on You 《听说你喜欢我》
Premiere: 2.10.23 Official confirmation (Tencent)


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Title: Tiger Crane 虎鹤妖师录

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