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Title: Flight to You
Genre: Romance
MDL link:
Largely inspired from 12 real-life airplane cases, the story follows an aspiring civil aviation pilot struggling to work with her cold and strict captain because of their personality clashes. However, after experiencing several risky and life-threatening aviation incidents together, they grow to value and eventually love each other.
Starring: Wang Kai, Tan Song Yun

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As long as Ethan-Shifu gets a better hairdresser and clothes that fit him better. His chef’s garb in Cupid’s KItchen (another way too long rom-com/kitchen show) was too small for him and made him look like a crane among chickens.

And he is at an age as an actor where a little more dignity and a little less goofiness would serve him well. Maybe he needs a new agent!

Horrible hair . . .




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The cast for Flight to You has changed since the original post 10 months ago but I updated the cast list 8 months ago.
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Saw that. Thank you for the update.
It would have been nice if the pairing wasn’t changed. Victoria Song would have made a nice CP with Wang Kai, although I am fine with Seven Tan as well.

Wanna Segue but can't? (☞*❛ ͜ʖ❛)☞Bring That Discussion's, Post's, Link Here 😉!

Tencent announced these 8 titles for April broadcast:

1- Both work and love
She & Her Perfect Husband (Viki channel, no license yet)
Lady of Law (no Viki channel)
Forensic JD (no Viki channel)
Choice Husband (no Viki channel)

2- Glory never ends
Who Rules the World (no Viki channel)
China Special Forces (no Viki channel)

3- Summer Surprises
My Deepest Dream (no Viki channel)
When You Be Me (no Viki channel)

That’s so sad, as for now, we only have one channel created and it’s not even licensed. :flushed: :cry:


IKR! Hoping… Praying… :crossed_fingers:


Regionally licensed and coming soon.
Guess I’ll be seeing Tong Meng Shi (Joy of Life) in this before The Return of the Condor Heroes aka The New Version of the Condor Heroes.


China Special Forces announced its premiere to April 5.


Looking forward to Tan Song Yun in another drama. Don’t know if it will be delayed or pushed ahead considering the recent incident.


Are you referring to her “marriage-divorce” rumor?


If you are, it’s all a “prank” she played. If one were to read just the headlines, one would have a “wrong” impression. She was referring to her character in The Sword and the Brocade drama. Such a cute joker haha… :rofl:

It doesn’t have much, if anything at all, to do with her upcoming drama. I don’t think the premiere would be affected, though there’s still no firm news about it. :weary:

2021 C-DRAMA -- Channels Created / Licensed

Link per la richiesta del titolo:
Richiedi un programma TV o un film – Centro assistenza

Link per la richiesta del titolo:Richiedi un programma TV o un film – Centro assistenza


I actually wasn’t referring to her rumor. I was just thinking about the crash that happened. Hopefully, it’s not affected. As long as there’s no news about it yet, it should still be good news.



I really wished they find a way to stop this nonsense of mixing a Human Being private life/Right to privacy with their careers as actors/actress which SHOULD never be judged as one.

I saw some comments that she won’t be able to make the movie bc she got married and then got divorced? That really burns me up! What gives the right for anyone to judge an actor/actress based on what they do/happens in their private life?

I honestly don’t know how they can put up with all that pressure, criticism, and Abuse bc what this called [Netizen?] are doing; in my eyes it’s Abusive! They are abusing these wonderful actors/actresses that make so much sacrifice to entertain us as an audience/viewer of Chinese dramas.

I feel so bad for them bc the article keeps mentioning all the money they make like that was anybody’s business, too. I’m watching several Chinese dramas (not here on viki), and when I see the sacrifice they have to make under terrible bitter cold condition or especially when they have fears or phobias with animals, and they are forced to make the scenes bc ‘‘their terror makes the scene more real’’ I actually cry. That’s the main reason I stopped watching the scenes they add when they are rehearsing or how they’re filming certain scenes. I just can’t take anymore to see what mainly (female actresses) have to go through during filming.

Most Chinese dramas here at Viki that I really like: ‘‘are out of my region’’ …:disappointed:


I agree.

Except when it comes to “outright lies or abuses” like what happened in Kris Wu and Wang Lee Hom cases, among the many that were reported.


There are some exception to the rules. But I still feel that the actor and the Person as a Human Being, are two worlds apart that need to be separated. In Chris Wu case, his action will affect his career for life, but in Wang Lee Hom, what’s happening in his private life, can’t possibly affect his career. Can it?

I am happy when criminals like Kris Wu are exposed, but I reserve myself from making any judgement, until this is all proven: that Kris Wu is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. I know man are capable of that and much more but… ‘‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’’

Send me links on Kris Wu if you have any bc I have no access to Chinese Media now, so I don’t know much about his case. Thank you!


Yes, really fed up to see private and actor life being combined for some excuses. Somtimes I wonder to myself is people are just here to crush people. They are humans and it’s normal to have failures or make mistakes. This is boring to read again ang again sacandals. All this stopped many dramas in projects or many carriers.


Link per la richiesta del titolo: Richiedi un programma TV o un film – Centro assistenza


I second this request for The Glory of Tang Dynasty 1 (60 eps) & 2 (32 eps), starring Jing Tian and Allen Ren. These are gems that are worth watching and re-watching. :heart_eyes:

Please consider bringing these here. Thank you.:star_struck: