Viki added a fan channel for The Blue Whisper.


Title: Defying the Storm aka A Storm of Wind and Cloud《凭栏一片风云起》(To premiere on 5.19 on Hunan TV and Mango streaming platform. There’s a fan channel on Viki but still unlicensed.)
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Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama, War
MDL link:

Starring: Hu Yitian, Zhang Ruonan, Wang Jinsong, Zhang Xilin, Zhang He, Lin Zilu


OST Defying the Storm by Su Wei (凭栏一片风云起 · 苏玮)


Title: Lady of Law 《女士的法则》 (Premiered on 5.9.22 on CCTV8 and Tencent.)
Genre: Law, Drama, Romance
MDL link:
Soompi Forum link:女士的法则-premiering-9-may-starring-jiang-shu-ying-and-liu-min-tao/
Xu Jie was recruited to Mingtang Law Firm to take on the bribery case involving Chen Wenguang. Chen’s daughter Chen Ran has also been secretly investigating the case. The two female lawyers with clashing views eventually come to a mutual understanding as they work together to reveal the truth.

At a time when Xu Jie (Maggie Jiang) was very frustrated with her current situation due to work and relationship problems, she was invited by Li Gongming (Gao Shuguang), a partner at Mingtang, to join their firm as an intern. Aside from the offer being an opportunity to start over in a new environment, she was also tasked to look into the bribery case of Chen Wenguang who is another partner at Mingtang.

Xu Jie became colleagues with Chen Wenguang’s daughter Chen Ran (Liu Mintao) after being assigned to the same department. Chen Ran has been secretly investigating her father’s case after he was sent to prison. The two lawyers gradually go from acquaintances to good friends with every case that they tackle successfully deepening their trust and confidence in each other. When Chen Ran finds out the real reason why Xu Jie came to the firm, the friendship she thought was hard to come by suddenly feels like a meticulous scheme. The consecutive incidents at the law firm firmly ties their fate together as they find mutual redemption. (Source:

Starring: Maggie Jiang Shuying, Liu Mingtao, Peng Yuchang


【女士的法则 Lady of Law】OST | 刘宇宁演唱情感主题曲《幸会的温柔》

【女士的法则 Lady of Law】OST | 江疏影首唱许婕人物主题曲《醒》

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PS: Loving this on-air drama. It’s a female-centered legal plot theme. It covers modern-day issues that affect women in the workplace, and in life. The romance is nice and quite amusing. A must-watch, especially if you like the cast and the legal theme.


Título: Cute Programmer
Gênero: C-Drama
Gênero: Drama
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**Sinopse, se desejar incluir:**Após ter se apaixonado pelo Deus da programação, Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li não só estudou na mesma universidade e se especializou na mesma área, Ciências da Computação que ele escolheu, como também se escondeu ainda uma semente de programação em seu coração.
**Estrelando, se conhecido:**Xing Zhaolin


Licensed! Best wishes to the volunteer team members.


I just discovered several fan channels listed here:
Does anyone know if they have always been ‘viewable’ here?


Yes. Fan channels show up there, when one gets licensed it moves to the coming soon page and once it’s on air it comes back there, that’s how I take note of new channels.


Thanks so much.


Coming real soon! But still no sign of it on Viki. :sob:
@Everyone, this looks very promising. If you will, first, check out the teasers below.
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Title: Heroes《說英雄誰是英雄》 (To premiere exclusively on Tencent on 5.23.22)
Genre: Historical, Romance, Wuxia
MDL link:
Soompi Forum link:说英雄谁是英雄-premiering-may-23-starring-zeng-shun-xi-yang-chao-yue-liu-yu-ning/
The story of a kind-hearted youth named Wang Xiaoshi, and the adventures he experienced after traveling down the mountain. During his journey, he meets and befriends several like-minded peers such as Bai Choufei, Wen Rou, Su Mengzhen and Lei Chun. In the complicated world of Jianghu, he gradually matures from a muddled youth into a hero of his generation. (Source: DramaWiki)
Starring: Zeng Shunxi, Yang Chaoyue, Liu Yuning


Production Special:

Production Wrap Up Special:

Ending OST MV:

[摩登兄弟刘宇宁 曾舜晞|可追(《說英雄誰是英雄》片尾曲)


I was so pleased to see Steven Zhang Xin Cheng added to the cast in a main role.


That’s awesome! I was hoping he would be given a meaty role too. YAY!:+1: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:


Title : The Romance Of Hua Rong 一夜新娘 2019
Broadcast : 03.12.19 - 08.01.20
Episodes 24
Genre : Historical, Comedy, Romance, Wuxia
MDL link :
Douban link :
Synopsis :
Hua Rong is about to set sail on a heroic adventure she’s often dreamt about, only to be kidnapped by the notorious pirate, Qin Shang Cheng, who is set on making her his bride, willing or not. After many failed attempts, Rong successfully flees her island prison and its sea monster.
She then encounters the young prince, Jin Yi Wen, who falls for her at first sight. Meanwhile, Shang Cheng, equally smitten with Rong, is fast on her trail, vowing to recapture his lost treasure.
Starring : Yuan Hao & Zhao Zhao Yi
Posters :


Title : The Romance Of Hua Rong 一夜新娘 2022
Broadcast : 20.05.2022 - 15.06.2022
Episodes 24
Genre : Historical, Comedy, Romance, Wuxia
MDL link :
Douban link :
Synopsis :
Hua Rong and Qin Shang Cheng were due to marry, but a hasty imperial decree changed all that. Hua Rong was commanded to wed hostage and a foreigner Prince Mu Bai, easing the tensions between their two countries. Qin Shang Cheng and Hua Rong now have no choice but to head to this neighboring kingdom to salvage the situation.
Starring : Yuan Hao & Zhao Zhao Yi
Posters :


Title : Novoland: Pearl Eclipse - 斛珠夫人 2021
Broadcast : 10.11.21 - 05.12.21
Episodes 48
Genre : Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
MDL link :
Douban link :
Synopsis :
If one can make a Naga mermaid cry, the shed tears will turn into priceless luminous pearls. Hai Shi is a young girl living in a coastal village where people use the ruse of killing their children to make mermaids cry and gather the pearls to pay for taxes. It was on such a fishing trip that Hai Shi’s father was killed. Hai Shi’s town was ransacked by soldiers and she develops a grudge against the emperor whom she holds responsible for the tragic events and vows to seek revenge.
She then meets Fang Zhu who is an official of the imperial court and the emperor’s closest confidant. Fang Zhu offers to accept Hai Shi as a disciple on the condition that she hides her true identity and poses as a boy. She accepts the terms.
The kingdom is in peril due to a self-indulgent and apathetic ruler, unrest in court, and constant conflict with neighboring kingdoms and only held together by Fang Zhu’s sheer determination. Years pass and Hai Shi joins the royal military. Her feelings for her master and their opposing sentiments towards the emperor become a matter of conflict while secret plots and schemes threaten the very fabric of their kingdom.
Starring : William Chan, Yang Mi, Xu Kai Cheng, Chen Xiao Yun, Wang Sen, Yuan Yu Xuan
Posters :


Coming soon.


Title : My Sassy Princess - 祝卿好 2022
Broadcast : 16.04.22 - 23.04.22
Episodes 22
Genre : Historical, Comedy, Romance
MDL link :
Douban link :
Synopsis : Liu Ling, the domineering Princess Chang Le, meets the cold and skilled martial artist, Shen Yan, and together they embark upon a journey.
Starring : Zheng Ye Cheng & Yuan Bing Yan
Posters :


It’s licenced, I’m so happy !!!


Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin Reunite in The Legend of Shen Li Five Years After Princess Agents.

Title: “The Legend of Shen Li” [与凤行]
Episodes: To Be Announced
Broadcast: To Be Announced
Distributor: Tencent
Genre: Historical - Romance - Wuxia - Fantasy
Author: Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (Ostentatious Zhao Yao, The Blue Whisper)
Drama Panda:
A Virtual Voyage:
Video Clip of Poster Shoot:,4773020595915336.html?weibo_id=4773020595915336
MDL Link:


Title: Ordinary Greatness 警察荣誉 (Premiere 5.28.22)
Genre: Action, Friendship, Youth, Drama
MDL link:
The play mainly tells the story of grassroots public security police fighting crime and protecting the safety of one party. The play describes four young policemen who have just joined the police force. At the beginning, they had various imaginations about the profession of the police. When faced with huge work pressures, sharp social conflicts, and new challenges brought by the media age to police station work they have experienced confusion and frustration, and they have also had the idea of ​​being confused, doubting themselves and even giving up. However, under the influence of the glorious tradition of the people’s police, and the teachings of the old police, the young people have withstood the test and gained rapid growth. The police’s mission and honor have also gained a new understanding and become a qualified people’s police. (Source: MDL/Douban)
Starring: Zhang Ruoyun, Bailu, Xu Kaicheng, Wang Jingchun, etc.


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