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As of today, 14.12 million fans, on just one streaming platfom, and not including Vikians, are already eagerly awaiting its premiere ;p

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Immortal Samsara New Trailer :


Title: A Dream of Splendor 《梦华录》(Confirmed to premiere exclusively on Tencent on 6.2.22. Today!)
Genre: Historical, Romance
MDL link:
Soompi Forum link:梦华录
Synopsis: (The current synopsis replicated everywhere is inaccurate. Not adding here for now.)
Starring: Crystal Liu Yifei, Chen Xiao, Jelly Lin Yun


Production Special:


PD Special:

Liu Yifei Special:


Title : A Date With the Future
Genre : Romance
MDL link: [
Starring: William Chan, Zhang Ruo Nan


Update :mega: : Immortal Samsara is rumoured to broadcast in July on Youku. :crossed_fingers:t4:


Summer vacation in China is drawing near. The duration varies nationwide, plus or minus a week or more, between July 1st to August 31st. Culled from Weibo, this is a list of upcoming historical dramas (not exhaustive, and other genres will be posted as well) tentatively scheduled for this holiday period. While I have my personal faves, they all look promising. Do check them out!

:wave: If you will, do submit this form (per title) to urge VIKI to obtain the respective licensing rights. These productions should be made available to VIKI viewers globally, and reach a wider viewership worldwide. To date, there’s no channel for any of them. :frowning_face::sob:
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Title: Immortal Samsara《沉香如屑 》(40 episodes(TBD)/YOUKU)
Starring: Yang Zi and Cheng Yi

Official Trailer:

Title: Love Between Fairy & Devil《苍兰诀》(36 episodes(TBD)/IQIYI)
Starring: Yu Shuxin and Wang Hedi

Official Trailer:

Title: Love When the Stars Fall 《星落凝成糖》(40 episodes(TBD)/YOUKU)
Starring: Chen Xingxu and Li Landi

Official Trailer:

Title: Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 & Part 2《星汉灿烂》(28 episodes per part(TBD)/TENCENT)
Starring: Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi

Official Trailers:

Title: The Longest Promise《玉骨遥》(50 episodes(TBD)/TENCENT)
Starring: Xiao Zhan and Ren Min

Official Trailer:

Title: Song of the Moon《月歌行》(40 episodes/IQIYI/TBD)
Starring: Zhang Binbin and Xu Lu

Production Special:


Title: Legend of Anle《安乐传》(40 episodes/YOUKU/TBD)
Starring: Dilraba and Gong Jun

Official Trailer:

PS: Above is listed in random order. :heart_eyes:


Any hopes in licensing Legacy? There’s apparently no English subtitles available anywhere thus far. It’s a gem and would be great if Viki would bring it to international viewers/fandom here.

Drama Viewers/Fandom, if you’ve been waiting since its premiere…
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Let’s activate your/our magic touch! Abracadabra…


Sent in another request! Thanks so much for the reminder.
Viki, please surprise fans with this drama. :gift:




Update : Immortal Samsara :mega:

Drama : Immortal Samsara - 沉香如屑 (2022)

This Is my most awaited upcoming drama.


Title: Beautiful Time With You
Genre: Romance, School, Youth
MDL link: Beautiful Time With You (2020) - MyDramaList
Douban link: 时光与你都很甜 (豆瓣) (
A story about an adorable post-95 girl who thought that she struck gold sitting next to the class genius only to find that things don’t go as planned.
After transferring to a new school, Lin Xing Chen becomes seatmates with Lu Yi Bai. Lin Xing Chen keeps running into trouble yet her experiences in the past help her stay calm in the face of adversity which Lu Yi Bai finds puzzling. Since then, the unlucky Lin Xing Chen and everyone’s ideal guy Lu Yi Bai grow closer as they chase after their dreams.
Starring: Rain Lu & Kele Sun


Official confirmation - Premiering on 6.29.22 on Dragon TV, Beijing TV and Youku streaming platform.

Coming real soon! But still no sign of it being licensed on Viki.
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Request submitted. :cactus:


Any idea if Viki will get Immortal Samsara? We’ve put in multiple requests for it.


:mega: : Twitter News !


Now we have a channel for Love Like the Galaxy.

And a few more new channels.


There’s no indication whatsoever. So… your guess is as good as mine lol. :crossed_fingers:
Thank you (and everyone) for putting in multiple requests. I feel a good vibe as far as licensing on Viki is concerned. Let’s… :crossed_fingers::heart_eyes: :pray:

Btw, I’m hoping for a flash premiere on 6.24 (today) on Youku as rumored. But all (Youku’s) bets are on The Story of Xing Fu and its confirmed premiere on 6.29.

Understandable though. Within 24 hours of the release of its confirmed premiere schedule, over 2 million viewers/subscribers have signed on (Youku) in advance of the premiere.

It seems, and as the rumors have it again, Immortal Samsara may premiere after TSoXF has completed its streaming on the platform. That may be fans’ wishful thinking again. Just :crossed_fingers: and hope for the best. :slightly_smiling_face: