429 Too Many Requests

I think many of you got this error too?
Does someone open a ticket and got a reply?


Oh, je!

First time seeing it, have not put in a request in months, the minor hiccups - I endure them and grave problems didn’t occur in the past weeks/months, or they just didn’t bother me enough.

Good luck! I hope it will be better soon and that error message to be gone.

I get that from time to time but have never done anything about it.

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Not yet, but I had to re-open a ticket after an issue solved 1 year ago and now back to square one.
If they removed me from a project I was just supporting and have no access, why would Viki put me back in that role after removing it a year ago ? :grimacing: :face_with_monocle: :astonished:

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I’ve got this problem since two weeks, maybe?! And sadly, it’s not something that solves itself by refreshing the page. So I opened a ticket a few days ago and got word back pretty much immediately, asking about my downl. speed and other network info, which I did not want to share. I wrote back, that there’s no way, this would be an issue on my end, because I have the same problem on any browser I use, any device I’m on and in any network. After that I got a reply from another support employee, asking for the same data, I don’t feel comfortable to share.
So for now I give up and wait, how this turns out…

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and it happens more often and longer every day…

I had this issue today for the first time… on a public computer.

I got this yesterday, but I thought it was because I opened a couple Viki tabs at once since I was reading the synopsis of several dramas so that I could choose one. But it went away after a refresh for me.

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It’s like non stop problem lately, I sometimes can’t translate, because page isn’t working for hours. Or just throw me out in middle of work when I refresh page. Dose someone have similar problems? I asked my friend Azure and she told me, she have similar problem today. @vikicommunity

I’ve been doing the same thing for 2 weeks now.

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We all have this problem. I reported the problem to Viki 8 days ago and so did others, but as you can see, nothing happens.

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maybe theres like limit per a day you can access viki :rofl:

Yeah I couldn’t even log in for some time, it’s really bothersome

429 Too Many Requests
That’s the message I get every time I want to check a page.

This issue is getting serious. I can’t access any viki page. :disappointed_relieved: Please fix it. :v:

Hi everyone,

Thank you for writing in! We appreciate you taking the time to do so. We’re aware of this and our engineering team is currently looking into it.

Viki Community Team


Does the issue still persist if you wait for some time WITHOUT refreshing and THEN refresh?

Seriously, this error is getting ridiculous, it’s been more than 10 days already, it wouldn’t let me in today, I even was dumb enough to clear cookies and cache, so I’m completely locked out of the editor now. At least I’m going to bed earlier tonight since I can’t do anything.

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I just started getting this error this morning. Sitewide, on any browser, on any device, but only if connected to my home network. Phone data works fine. Tried all sorts of things. I didn’t make any recent changes, it worked fine yesterday. Anyone have a similar experience and fixed it?

Damned, subbers of my teams are having this issue… Some are now unable to help and translate.