A CM who add a co-mod without having the opinion of the mod who was already here [ Solved]

Hi everybody !

I was moderator on a drama and a new CM was add, she ask me instantly if it’s possible to add with me an other moderator who do a good work. I didn’t respond cause i was sleeping ( u know we need it sometimes XD ) She send me a PM like 3 hours after " okay their is a lot’s of episode u can help each other so i add her". It’s not a drama which will be aired in 2 hours so their is no need to be in rush.

I was like holy moly u don’t even know if i’m doing a good work or not. And i did some drama with 54-60 épisode alone and i did well with motivate and passionate team.

I ask about this concern to my friends and what a surprise when they said " oh that CM did the same to me without asking".

Do u think it’s normal ? Like we need to be friend with CM now for be moderator on some drama ?
If it was just me and if it was the first time for that CM to do this i could understand but she/he did the same to my friend.
We are in CM dictature like " accept what i want or get out" ? ( Thank God not all CM are like that )
Even if we can’t do something about it… just talk about it and evacuate our frustration to be kick out to a drama that we want to do hardly and we wait with passion to be on air one day.

Sorry for everything but I needed to.


Every CM might do some things differently then the ‘standard’ but I also don’t add a co-Mod for someone all of a sudden (unless it’s for English but the English mod position is slightly different then for other languages).
When I for example have a Spanish Mod (A.) and someone wants to co-Mod (B.) I always tell B. to PM A. to discuss it and have A. PM me to be added. Had an incident once when B. said A. was fine with her as a co-Mod and then later A. PMed me why I added a co-Mod. To prevent that only A. can request a co-Mod. Only when I see a Mod is inactive I will add an another one and PM the first Mod. If they never reply they will be removed eventually as they are inactive.

But this is not an official rule or anything… It’s just a method many CM’s decided to use.


Once I got confused on who was which, because there were many appointed mods of different languages and they were all people previously unknown to me. I had two or three tabs opened simultaneously, so by mistake instead of replying to the future mod with confirmation, I replied to a person who had just offered to sub and maybe edit saying she could become mod. I felt awful at my mistake, so then with many excuses I kept both, hoping they wouldn’t hate me.
Sometimes crap happens :slight_smile:
In the case of the O.P., we really don’t know all the details, so it’s hard to give any opinion… Therefore I won’t.


In a perfect world where nobody tries to delete your commas to make your translation their own, I’d like to see this whole CM/Moderator system abolished.

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If commas are not correct, the editor should correct them. As an editor and a moderator I take the time to correct every comma, full stop, italics and whatever else needs to be corrected. The subber’s ego is not as important as the viewer, who deserves the best subtitles possible. (Even with editing, sometimes double editing, mistakes still remain).
When the episode is locked, nobody sees anymore who did which subtitle anyway. Even a crappy subber gets credit for being in a team, because someone corrected his lousy job.


That was not what I meant. I meant people who edited your subtitles incorrectly or for the purpose of increasing their sub count. I know that was their intention because they then proceeded to copy-paste the lyrics for 20 episodes straight, changed a segmenter’s credit line, etc. Those people are why CMs and Moderators are needed. However when there are wrong people in these positions, they’re an obstacle to others. I have to out-race the abuser in my language to be moderator to be able to sub at all on a project I’m semi-interested in, before that person comes to hoard the project, writes 2 sentences and locks everything, and doesn’t let anyone join. Suddenly then I’m the moderator and have to finish the whole project (interestingly, the CM doesn’t apply the same requirement to that abuser - because they’re friends? I suppose. Whereas I was told in 3 different ways since the start that I must finish the project or I’m “just a subtitler”, or replaced no doubt with that abuser who also, never finishes anything). That was not what I signed up on this site for. I wanted to learn languages and translated only sentences with interesting vocab, to learn.


It is true that there are many moderators who are not fit for their role. Little by little you know who they are and avoid them. Unfortunately there’s not much more you can do. Unless you have proof they are abusers, in which case you can take screenshots and report them. I did report a couple of them last autumn and after lots of effort they were stopped - somehow.


This is the most disgusting thing that happens here deceivers that ask you to join their team and then steal your subtitles by adding an insignificant change to have your sub and hard work in their page as theirs.

I have been through that so I know the feeling. Reporting them is useless but is not only the CM doing this, is whoever can get away with it, will do it. I added someone in my team and they took all my subtitles and ‘‘changed’’ something in them and of course the subs are in the person’s page like she/he did it.

This is the reason why I’m selective with the team I work with.

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This is just not right. I find this very disrespectful. A CM is not supposed to impose someone on a team. This is an abuse of power.
I don’t even understand how adding a new moderator can be helpful. It’s just going to complicate things and prevent the translation from progressing if you don’t get along.

Maybe you could send a PM to these two people to explain them clearly what they’ve done wrong and if they don’t listen, well… be patient.

It is at times like this that we can see that Viki needs improvements. Adding a second moderator should be only possible with the validation of the first moderator. And removing a moderator should be only possible with verification from Viki.

Contact the Help Center, even if they do nothing, Viki should know what’s going on.

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Which language is this? I would report this person as an abuser.


this concern is now resolve, i will delete the post till we don’t need it now.
But i was really angry when that happen so i post here. Thanks a lot for your repplies