A drama without an hysterical female lead?

Been watching asian dramas for a while now and gotten into the style. But one thing I just can’t stand is the leading female in most dramas I’ve seen so far. They are just over the top rude, loud, obnoxious, insensitive etc yet no matter how crazy they get, the leading men falls in love with them.

So, do you have any good dramas where the story doesn’t need a crazy female to drive the story forward to suggest?

Thanks much :slight_smile:

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I just hope, that I am not recalling the wrong dramas …

Anything for you?


Thank you Iutra - I will check them out as I haven’t seen any of them.
I have only watched fantasy and historical dramas so far (just love the hair and clothes of ancient times).

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You haven’t seen any of them? My oh my … I didn’t think that, but since you like fantasy and historical maybe Queen In Hyun’s Man might be the right start for you, since it has both elements.
And there is one with fantasy elements Padam, Padam.

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Yeah, only been a member a few months and haven’t seen many yet.

That’s the one I was most interested in but it’s not available in my country :cry:
But I will read and check out the other ones :slight_smile:

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In Thank You she is the passive one and he is the hysterical loud one.

Thanks but not sure if that’s any better lol :smiley:

Personally, I didn’t feel like it was. And he spent a lot of time trying to provoke her so she behaves a bit more similar to him. In the so-called “let yourself be free” sort of a way.

But I know a lot of people love that drama, even though it’s old.

Thank you Bozoli, I checked it out and thought I’d give it a try but again, not available in my country.

Dammit, but nothing we can do about it. That’s my problem with the drama Faith, I love it, but the female lead is quite the hysterical type at first. She will “grow up” as the drama develops further.
As I don’t know where you stay, if it’s available for you, maybe you still want to give it a try.
It’s a historical/fantasy mix
Oops, somehow I did forget to push the button - reply (now) :blush:

I don’t think she grows up. She is pretending the whoooole way, so that people don’t take her seriously and she doesn’t get into danger. It was premeditated. She is super clever. Same principle she applied in her modern life to get more easily by. Put a smile on your face and become silly, and nobody feels threatened around you so you have more freedom. I only figured that out translating it. It’s in one of the conversations with the Qing ambassador by the end of the series.

Faith is my favorite, too. Who ever watches it, doesn’t forget it.


Thanks lutra - I’m in Sweden. All shows are listed but when clicking on them the list of episodes are replaced with a restriction notice. The Great Doctor is also restricted. Annoying.
If a character grows then it’s ok. But when they stay crazy throughout the show it kinda gets old. Worst one so far has been the Fillipino version of My Love from the Star. I actually felt sorry for the actress who had to portrait such a horrible person lol.

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Oh, then why not make it vice versa.
That is my big collection, of almost every drama I have watched, so if you are interested in one of those I can at least tell you about the female lead. :wink:

Thank you lutra - that is an impressive list you got there :slight_smile:
But most of the ones I was interested in was restricted in my country but I found 3:
Any normal female leads in these dramas? :smile:

Ooops, you got me!
It’s almost 10 years I started with Asian dramas.
There are many who vote Ja Myung Go with a high star number, as for me … It seems promising at first, you believe there will be a strong woman, and then she becomes more and more the victim. It’s heartbreaking.
If, someone recalls the drama better please feel free to write about it. If you are in for a tragedy, dig it up.
I don’t know if you can watch this drama this is in fact the story line of the parents of Hong Do, the male lead of Ja Myung Go
Tamra the Island is quite funny, since the female lead is a trouble seeker, let’s call her clumsy at points, but with the rare point of bringing a foreign into dramaland. It has its sweet misunderstandings and friendship elements. It’s placed on Jeju Island where the women work and the men are, well men.
There is also a director’s cut
For W it hooks you right away or it doesn’t. She is although not in a normal story, I would still say the most normal woman. I enjoyed it, even it is a bit creepy at some point(s).
So, your choice!

Thank you lutra - then I will probably check out all 3 of them :smiley: - especially since sooo many are not available in my country I have to make due with the ones that are lol


Matter of fact, it is the best drama in the world. I think it will change your view on how women…and dramas…are written, and performed.


Thank you Deadliftdiva_548 - that drama is available in my country so I have added it to my watch list :slight_smile:


Hi, since you wrote you like fantasy /historical for the costumes I’ll suggest some of the series I watched (and liked) so far. At least from my opinion the female main roles weren’t annyoing even though there were some side characters that were (but they were good in the way that you could really hate the character :smiley: - I think when an actor/tress is able to play in a way that one forgets that it is just fictional it is good :slight_smile:






I finished watching the first 3 and are at the beginning of the last two. Ice Fantasy was a bit less interesting at first (start scenes/first characters and fight scenes,but later really really catching through the dynamic character & story development that I didn’t expect because of the beginning).


All series have sad & cruel elements on different levels so if you are looking for some light romantic stories, you shouldn’t watch them.

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Thank you very much cntv_854 - I will check them out - they are all available in my country too (yay) :smiley: