A Familiar Stranger ✨ - Recruiting Chinese-English subtitlers, OL moderators

Hi everyone! :wave:

Yesterday, I have been chosen as the channel manager for the short historical c-drama “A Familiar Stranger!”

:white_check_mark: Genres: Romance, Costume & Period
The first episode has already been uploaded, so I’m in dire need of a CHIEF SEGMENTER - preferably someone who has already worked on historical dramas before, with prior experience to some degree. It’s only a short drama, 8 eps x 30 min, so it could also be suitable for segmenters new to the genre.
Additionally, this drama does not come with pre-subs, so we also need Chinese-English subtitlers - the more the merrier. ;D

Looking for: Chief Segmenter, Chinese-English subtitlers (no pre-subs) OL moderators
Contact: flowersnacc

I’m looking forward to your messages!
All the best,
Annie :yellow_heart:

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Hello. I submitted an application on your inbox. Check it out. :slight_smile:

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