A possible solution Viki can provide for translators regarding pre-subbed issues. Who else has another suggestion?

Hello, dear community and Viki staff!

I hope all of you have been great and healthy.

Several years ago, Sean sent me a survey I should fill as CM (optional for me to answer) regarding how I managed the channels Viki confided me. It was for gathering ideas for improving things here. Of course, I answered the survey and even gave suggestions due my love for Viki.

Some of you may say: she’s a former contributor, why bother? I went away for very specific reasons I informed Viki staff through Help Center. So I’m here and I Care because I Love this community and believe Viki is going to keep on improving and will manage to have the best from both sides: Having viewers and subbers happy.


  • Viki: Do the same way N.e.t.flix does by bringing us many shows where we can select which linguistic variant we want to watch!

Relase with pre-subs a standard language (if you want) to please paying viewers and allow a variant to be translated solely by volunteers.

Allow viewers to watch subs in Brazilian Portuguese or Portuguese from Portugal; Spanish from South America or Spanish from Spain, and even expanded to other languages and their variants!! (Why not American and British English as well, for instance?) You already have so many dialects for people to translate to!! Why not add a few more? And believe me: many many people (almost everyone) prefer to watch in their own linguistic variants ^^ You would only gain by that - and volunteers too. Here we already have several European speaking Portuguese people whom I bet could gladly teach our Brazilian fellows so they could keep on translating ^^

For instance, if we translate:

ENG: I’m driving now.

Pt-br: Eu agora estou dirigindo.

Pt-pt: Agora estou a conduzir./Eu agora estou a conduzir.

There are quite interesting differences between linguistic variants. People usually prefer to watch in their own variant… You only would attract more costumers by providing the gift bonus of having linguistic variants powered by an army of eager volunteers.

Viki, I believe you know the big social role you play towards many many people. Please, keep on having and improving your social part on people’s lifes by keeping on giving them a sense of being useful/having a purpose. Keep on giving people a smile, specially to those who haven’t got jobs, have health issues or other problems… Or simply keep on giving happy moments to those who just love languages! But please, above all, do always remember how important you are to many many many volunteers here. Do not discard them but give an actual solution!

I believe mine is as good easy one. Perhaps better options are on the way!

Best regards and please, give us (viewers and volunteers) the so badly wanted and well deserved: Yes!!

Thank you So So Much for reading me Viki staff and dear fellows!! ^^

Take care, everyone!..

And an Extra big hug for all of you :hugs:

@brendas @vikicommunity @giant_sean @amm11

PS: Being straightforward without filters while addressing things and not being able to remain quiet while some viki colleagues are being unfairly judged keeps me always in trouble, so I created this topic because I can’t reply to the one regarding seggers and Portuguese subbers.