A Song For You 3 is recruiting!

Hello !
I’m looking for several volunteers for A Song For You 3.
This show is a Korean Musical Show where fans from all around the world share their story and the KPOP idols read them and dedicate a song to them.
I’m currently looking for :
Moderators in any language except Spanish, German and French
English subbers and a moderator,
Subbers in any languages.
I also need a couple more of segmenters.
Thanks guys !!

  • Joo.

Hi! I can be spanish subber :slight_smile:

Johanna I will add you to the team :smiley: I’m the spanish mod.

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Thanks Nienna, then I’ll wait for the Go :slight_smile:

I would also like to join as an english subber

hi! i can subtitle in romanian if you need. i’m interested in finding a project so inyou need help feel free to tell me

Hi! can be spanish subber

Hai ! If you need Indonesian subber , I’d love to join your team :slight_smile:

Arabic or French subs. I can do either :smiley:

Hi! i can sub to dutch :slight_smile: !!

I can sub to Chinese! :blush: