Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


I’m glad the Melting Me Softly Kiss was mentioned, is any Kiss list complete without it? The way Ji Chang Wook looks at his leading ladies, he looks like he wants to devour them. lol

When I first started watching dramas the kisses were either the eyes wide open shocked kind or the press your lips together kind. The first realish looking kiss I saw was in Full House (Thai) It’s not the passionate kind, more the slow seductive kind.

Then there’s the aggressive one from Perfect Match (no consent here so I probably shouldn’t like it)

Then there’s the one from 1% of Something…

I also like the piano kiss from Strong Woman, ok, just the way Park Hyung Sik looks at Park Bo Young is enough to make me swoon.

And the one from Her Private Life

There are just too many, I’ll stop now. :slight_smile:


I clearly don’t follow directions well, you said gif and I posted videos. lol :smiley:


Eric Mun is a king of kissing.

A classic.
If you want to watch the whole compilation, it’s here.

But we shouldn’t forget Yu Seung Ho, here at a very young age but so promising:


YouTube has so many best kiss compilation videos, I hate to admit that every now and then I’ll go watch them to find my next drama.


I can tell you most of these I have watched so if you need a good kiss drama! Ask me! or Check out these in my collection!


I love me some Shin Se Gi


Oh Yes! Thank you! 1 of My Fav and under-rated drama "Another Oh Hae Young" best tense kiss scene ever and I LOVE Eric Mun! He has a new drama coming out soon!


Ok you guys got me pulling out my notebook of kisses!

Goblin, Wok of Love, Her Private Life, Coffee Prince, What Wrong with Secretary Kim, Another Oh Hae, W, My Secret Romance, 1%, Encounter, Suspicious Partner, Devilish Joy, It’s Ok That’s Love, Kill Me Heal Me, Tempted, Bromance, Lost Romance, High Society, Legend Deep Blue Sea, Secret Garden, I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice, Fated to Love You - Korea, Beauty Inside, Refresh Man, Tail of the 9Tailed, Flower of Evil


Do you guys wanna know my disappointed drama kisses?


Can you find for me please… the kiss in the car from [Secret Love] You know the one that is forced but oh so hot!!! Gosh that to me deserves an award.

JI SUNG AND HWANG JUNG EUM scene she’s getting off the car and he savagely kiss her



Secret Romance! Your Welcome! Oops not the one you were looking for…



Secret Love Affair - This one
This OST is beautiful and the piano playing is just so :fire:


Brightest Star in the Sky I have not heard of that one?



Seo Kang Joon doesn’t have to say ANYTHING he just says it with his eyes.
I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice


@ sweetybirdtoo
I’m glad the Melting Me Softly Kiss was mentioned, is any Kiss list complete without it? The way Ji Chang Wook looks at his leading ladies, he looks like he wants to devour them.

YES! Ji Chang Wook is a great kisser in dramas bc he looks at the mouth with those gorgeous sexy eyes he has, and a look of ‘‘what delicious lips I’m gonna eat’em’’

I first saw that look in Empress Ki then on Healer, and was very pleased to see good kissing scenes for a change in every drama I watch from him. He is amazing too.


Wookie! Is the Best! He makes you feel all the feels! I have not finished Empress Ki yet because I cry so much I can’t even. He is an awesome actor.! I vote best crinkly kissable lips on the planet! Just saying.


Ok, I need to go watch drama and stop messing around!


You’re making me want to rewatch suspicious partner. :rofl:




It was bugging the heck out of me! Here we go! It won’t let me have the gif though.


I absolutely love the brooding, ex-prosecutor, angsty




Oh my gosh, I am in love with this Chef.
Oh My Ghostess…ok I just realized that I said Oh My! Ha!

…going back to watching this handsome chef…


Oh my gosh, when he walks with his hand running his fingers down the wall cuz he’s lonely! Oh my heart! In Suspicious Partner.


Thank you, thank you! that’s the one but the gif doesn’t do justice to that scene. Wish we could find that piece in video. i tried with no luck

Eric Mun was beyond precious in this drama. It has parts that you’ll pee from laughing. not kidding