Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama



Ok - GUYS - Chinese Drama is WINNER of the fish and press kiss! This one was a SURPRISE! They built it up to a VERY Steamy Bed Scene and a um French Kiss! I can’t find any gifs but I hope some are made soon! I wish I knew how to make gifs.


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This might be my new favorite kiss! YOWSERS! Shows his passion - his fear of losing her - his need to let her know how he feels - and he apologizes saying he has never been rude to a woman! I have a lot of thoughts about our FL up to this point and her response also - but what a passionate kiss!

Perfect Match



Definitely “my roommate is a gumiho”



This guy is king of FLIRT - Love Script!!! I have not gotten to the kisses yet!

I can’t wait for you to watch this!!! We need to watch party it! So fun

@vivi_1485 me thinks this is a nose you could love!!!


Rewatching Because This Is My First Life.

The that’s not how you do a kiss scene


That was hilarious for me because he just wanted a kiss and she was thinking that he was just as always.
I’m kind of robotic sometimes (in real life) so I enjoy that show a lot.


"It was just a PECK"

Well - Most dramas it is just a PECK! bahahahahahaha! :kissing:

I love his kisses - in - Beauty Inside - He is an unusual ML but he grows on me!


I loved that show!!



Most if not all the memorable kisses I love are already in this thread but here’s a couple I can add:

Chengyi is just [chef’s kiss] His kiss scenes are always done so well. L&D has many memorable kisses.

When fl initiates the intimacy it’s soft and romantic. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Is this also Chef’s kiss!? or Love and Destiny?


Oh! Sorry for the confusion! “Chef’s kiss” is just an expression I used meaning his kisses are amazing. The drama is, Love and Redemption.


I was thinking it was the Cinderella Chef drama - hahahahahahaha!


It looks like we definitely need to watch Love and Redemption!!!
But we can’t! it’s not available to watch party :sob:


@sweetybirdtoo Can do it I think we will have to do a mirror screen!


@natyh I recommend having boxes of tissue nearby when you watch.

I never cried so much for a drama. Yet, it truly became my favorite.


No, we tried it and all we get is a black screen and the subtitles. It looks like we can’t share viki screen


Really? noooo, I need to get myself ready for that then.


Yeah, it can get overwhelming. If you’re a fan of tear-jerking romance, you’ll like it though.


not sure, but I want to watch it. I guess that I’m going to try and I’ll let you guys know hehe


I have been wanting to watch it for a while.

I just cried to 2 hours at the end of Chicago Typewriter - What’s more Crying Right!!! :sob: