Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


It looks like the show had been mentioned, but I don’t think the actual clips had been posted, so these are a good addition to the thread. There are certainly some very memorable kisses in that drama.


This one is my favorite of this show. And all the scene about the jacket was completely funny and hot!


I loved this show - he’s not really my type - but the Stoic and Squishy part is


Here…so it should be fine if it’s a video


Well I can’t say if he is my type or not. Usually I pick my shows to watch based on the synopsis and sometimes the cast.
That’s if an actor takes part in the show, whose performance struck me in the past.

I had my problems with the show at first. I stopped it after being just a few minutes into episode 1 because the storyline/characters just seemed weird to me.

I am glad I continued, in romance dramas, well every drama I am always excited for the kiss always on lookout for some great natural once. And I would have missed a bunch of them, if I had not continued with this drama.

The relationship of the leads seems very natural, too. So that’s what I liked.


Some other kisses that deserve to be mentioned:

The karaoke kiss and the cola/coke kiss in Lie To Me.

When I feel down and need to be cheered up I am watching these two kisses and feel instantly better.


In TharnType:


I have a serious crush on Tharn


I mean who doesn’t :smirk:, the fact that he put up with Type for so long is amazing tho


Re: Dating in the Kitchen. YES!!! That move with wrapping his coat around her while on the step stool was soooooo cute!!! I’ve never seen a move like that before. I had to do several re-watches as well! I also liked how she drank in the smell of him from inside his coat. Awwwww… So romantic! (@kdrama2020ali: you know I’m a late bloomer when it comes to watching these dramas. LOL!)


There are so many kisses in this drama. I loved this one because of the scenery.


Favorite kiss…That’s a hard one. There are so many good kiss scenes. Let’s just make a list, shall we?

Falling Into Your Smile - Both the leads and second lead couple have AMAZING kiss scenes. The chemistry is off the charts!
W - I mean, Lee Jong Suk… Need I say more?
Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Now this is a sweet kiss because of the innocence involved; they’re both so extremely naive about romance. I don’t think either one of them saw it coming. That just makes the fridge kiss scene all the more intense!
Before We Get Married - I feel like this show overall is so underrated. The kiss scenes are almost illegal (probably because both characters are engaged to other people in the drama) and steamy!
My Fated Boy - How can a little kid (in comparison to the female lead in this drama) be so good at kissing when he’s practically inexperienced in every sense of the word? Age gap relationship done right in this one!

There are so many MANY others, but I think these are among my favorites!

Oh wait! The BL world of kiss scenes!!! Can’t forget that!

Love By Chance - Saint and Perth have such good chemistry. I really wanted to see them again in the sequel, but that drama was a hard let down. It didn’t do Cantaloupe and Tin any justice whatsoever.
Don’t Say No - STEAM!!! Nothing but steam.


I love age gap - especially OLDER women with YOUNGER MEN - HMMMMMM
and this was done so right -
@my_happy_place and I WP it and we loved it



And we are watching “W” in January - I can’t wait


I didn’t know this!!! Screaming internally
I’m so excited!!!