Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


Well Wowsers - Ye YOWsers!
Holy Hot Kiss Batman in Eps 1
Dr. Romantic!!!

If you wanna watch it over and over again!!!


Okay, I now have a watchlist a mile long. :rofl: :kiss:


I have 73 shows on my watchlist! :sob::sob: I keep revisiting them to delete stuff but the list just keeps getting longer! For every two I throw off, four get added by the time the week ends :flushed::clown_face:

MDL has a priority filter and I tried using that one, but I ended up with 18 dramas even on my fast-track watchlist


I think that’s probably true for most of us. Drama lover problems. :sweat_smile:


Definitely :laughing: Sometimes it takes years before I get to a drama.


Since we are watch partying Bride of the Water God this week, I thought this mash-up would be appropriate. Please click the link.


All about the KISS Collection!



I very much enjoyed An Incurable Case of Love. Did not quite get what was going on at the start, but it was a lovely show to watch.


Just amazing visuals. (And I’m always impressed by how the K-dramas always manage to heat up the screen by the way a video is edited or by a camera angle. It looked at one point like somebody was actually kissing somebody else’s chin.)


I would say “Get a room,” but they’ve got the whole kitchen!

Pasta is an oldie but goodie if you want “chep’s” kisses. The term that describes those is “heart-melty.”