Absolute Favorite Kiss! Any Drama


Well Wowsers - Ye YOWsers!
Holy Hot Kiss Batman in Eps 1
Dr. Romantic!!!

If you wanna watch it over and over again!!!


Okay, I now have a watchlist a mile long. :rofl: :kiss:


I have 73 shows on my watchlist! :sob::sob: I keep revisiting them to delete stuff but the list just keeps getting longer! For every two I throw off, four get added by the time the week ends :flushed::clown_face:

MDL has a priority filter and I tried using that one, but I ended up with 18 dramas even on my fast-track watchlist


I think that’s probably true for most of us. Drama lover problems. :sweat_smile:


Definitely :laughing: Sometimes it takes years before I get to a drama.


Since we are watch partying Bride of the Water God this week, I thought this mash-up would be appropriate. Please click the link.


All about the KISS Collection!



I very much enjoyed An Incurable Case of Love. Did not quite get what was going on at the start, but it was a lovely show to watch.


Just amazing visuals. (And I’m always impressed by how the K-dramas always manage to heat up the screen by the way a video is edited or by a camera angle. It looked at one point like somebody was actually kissing somebody else’s chin.)


I would say “Get a room,” but they’ve got the whole kitchen!

Pasta is an oldie but goodie if you want “chep’s” kisses. The term that describes those is “heart-melty.”



This whole scene I just CANT–


It’s very rare to get a telephone booth kiss scene because there aren’t many in use nowadays. BUT THESE KISSES :hot_face: Kang Daniel got me like :eyes: especially when he goes in for the second kiss. Everything about the scene was perfect. The director needs a gold medal for this scene.

The LEAN into FL.
The height difference!


Oh Lord - There is a LEAN - my fav


You know how some dramas have an unnecessary number of make out scenes and you end up getting numbed to them because they feel unnecessary? A lot of cdramas suffer from this… they have so many cuddly skinship moments that it becomes boring after a while and I skip no matter how cute they look. Well, ISWAK has a good number of kisses - the production team was even kind enough to make an entire kiss compilation in the end credits :joy: The thing is, the build-up to each and every one of the kisses was so GOOD. The chemistry was easygoing and amazing, and the burn was nice and BURNY.

It’s from 2007 so I couldn’t find any clips of my favorite scenes, but here’s a time marker(I conveniently remember which scene is in which ep, don’t ask me how :wink::smirk:). The build-up is just -CHEF’S KISS-


and some have so many ALMOST kisses I want to scream into my PILLOW


I can’t say that I have ever suffered from this affliction, so I can’t relate. :grin:


Haha maybe its just me, then… i just dont enjoy skinship in dramas if it’s not adding to the story or developing the relationship. One of my biggest turn-offs is watching unnecessary romance scenes that are there just to hog screen time and compensate for a deathly boring plot. That’s why i didnt like Her Private Life… it felt like they were trying to increase viewership and distract me from the boring mess of a plot by inserting random skinship scenes. Idk how to explain it.

I remember the first few eps of HPL(the fangirling thing was pretty interesting), but after that its just blank except for the makeout scenes. Whereas, if I think of any of my favorite romances, i remember the trials they went through as they grow and learn and get close to each other. I remember the buildup and the reason they got my heart fluttering. There was direction in the plot and growth in the characters. That’s when the skinship becomes the cherry on top :sweat_smile:


I love HPL - because I love Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young - but I did enjoy the story cuz of their fake - love - hate relationship -

runs off to watch HPL again…LOL


I have forgotten about this thread, I loved this kiss in Intense Love


I tried to read every entry on this thread but I can’t remember seeing the beauty inside here so I vote for that.
After overcoming the first two episodes the show offers quite a few great kisses.

And my favourite one:

As the second video seems to be age restricted, here the shorter version: