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Russia is a huge country! The predominant religion on its territory is Christianity (Orthodoxy). However, this is by no means the only religion officially practiced in Russia. One of the widespread religions is also Buddhism. In some regions of the country this religion is less common, but there are some regions where Buddhism is the main religion.





Doom metal band from Saint Petersburg, Russia


I wished the video makers or who posted it would write out the song name, is it a Chinese song from a drama?, it’s so beautiful!


This song is in the language of the Buryats (peoples of Buryatia) They live near the largest freshwater lake in the world …Unfortunately, I don’t understand their language.

Lake Baikal is a huge ancient lake in the mountains of Siberia north of the Mongolian border. Baikal is considered the deepest lake in the world. It is surrounded by a network of hiking trails called the Great Baikal Trail. (google)


Victor Robertovich Tsoi was born on June 21, 1962, in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg).

Victor’s father, a Korean by nationality, worked as an engineer; his mother, a Russian, was a physical education teacher.


A song by V. Tsoi. Cuckoo. (Polina Gagarina)

Кукушка (Kukushka) (перевод на Английский)

How many songs yet to write or sing are there?
Predict, the cuckoo, sing out
Shall I dwell in town or the outskirts,
Lie like a stone or like a star blaze out?


I think the song in that video is very similar to this one, just a different arrangement I think… I just love the song:


Viktor Tsoi was very popular in Russia and also in Korea. Unfortunately, he died… This is his song. It’s called “Band of Blood…”


Yes, it looks like that, but the performance is different. The Mongols are singing… It’s the same song.

Anda Union is a band from Inner Mongolia. “Anda” means brother or sister’s blood in Mongolian, and it is also a symbol of harmony and cooperation. In 2001, they formed an ensemble combining Mongolian cultural heritage of hoomei (throat singing), extended singing and musical experimentation, resulting in a new perspective on Mongolian music for the public. Anda Union combines various traditions and styles of music from all over Inner and Outer Mongolia in a new and unique way. The band adheres to the traditions of Mongolian music in their work, but at the same time creates a style that is accessible to people of different cultures. The musicians of the band “Anda” were trained in traditional music from a young age, many of them grew up in families of musicians. The group’s mission is to stimulate interest among the younger generation of Mongolians and to preserve their culture in the global cultural space. “Anda” has toured to more than 30 countries (USA, UK, Austria, Australia, Korea, Japan, Finland, Spain, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). Their international tours have been a huge success. Thanks to the group’s work, thousands of people around the world not only learned about Mongolian music, but loved it.





100 years in three minutes





Who was at the concert? I’d love to be there!


Gosh! I’ve heard this music before and thought it was a Tagalog song. lol. I love it!

I love this movie! It’s about time for a rewatch :slight_smile:

So beautiful! I’d love to visit again. :heart_eyes:

:open_mouth: OMG! She sang VT’s song so well! Such an awesome performance! This is a keeper. I’m her new fan lol. Thanks for sharing it. So inspired to learn the language lol.

Here’s the original:

Would love to be there, too! Would also love to “reward” my daughter with a trip to watch them. They are her fave K-pop group. Why don’t they wait till the upcoming school break, in another couple of weeks? :pensive:

Thanks for sharing everything about Russia. It’s such a beautiful country, with such beautiful landmarks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: