Acquaintance - Russia


Hello everybody! Good luck and optimism. Does music unite us?
And My photos …


Sankt Peterburg 2021 year .



Bears in Russia definitely don’t walk the streets!


Bashkiria (Russia) real water color without Photoshop


Bashkiria (Russia)


Bashkiria (Russia)



Originally, this is a Moscow street…

We fell in love for a long time
Darkened tone on tone
I’m blowing up the dance floor
I forget your flow
I am now patiently without you
I’m like a typhoon
Shooting again pau pou
Undermining Skyfall
Whoa! With a high
Without you


In winter, it is minus 50 сelsius and below … North …


This is Moscow, the VDNKh exhibition. Space pavilion.


The earth is spinning online. It is clear on which continents it is day, and on which night …


I would like to hear and see your music and photos here. Unfortunately, we only know the top singers in the world ratings.

Thanks to the Korean group BTS, I learned a lot about Korean music.




Hello! Welcome!:wave::wave:

Thanks for sharing all about beautiful Russia. I’ve only been to Moscow once and can’t wait to visit again. Love everything about The Red Square area I was at. And the people were/are nice and hospitable, too.

Yup. Music and dramas unite us all, don’t they? BTS may be the top in the K-pop industry, and I do love them… I love some Russian music groups/personalities, too. One that’s stuck in my mind is this, and @mirjam_465 :heart_eyes: recently reminded me about him again (amongst others):

Enjoy! :sunglasses:


Thanks ! I am glad for your gratitude.

Yes, this music is familiar to everyone. And everyone remembers him and loves his songs, he crashed on a motorcycle. He was a star and remained her …


That’s very beautiful! Everyone in the world is familiar with their work.

If you’re in a bad mood, turn on BTS’s music !