Actors of different countries

I’d like to find out more of these young actors & actresses, their next dramas and all so where do I look,

Which actors from which country do you mean?

I think if you follow an actor on mydramalist you can see upcoming projects, sometimes wikpedia also offers infos or you read the news/updates of Western fanpage magazines for Asian dramas.

e.g. if you are looking for new Chinese shows you can read a Western Chinese fanpage (google helps to find it) or you search on Youtube because there are also fanchannels for upcoming Asian projects - some Asian TV stations also post updates for upcoming projects and sometimes the videos got English subtitles.

right at the moment, I am trying to find the actor from cinderella & the four knights, the guy that was a secretary, I am not able to find him anywhere. yes I am interested in the actors & actresses of all the countries. just like to keep up with them like, lee min ho, yeaaaa he is going to do a drama next year, and found that on YT. Like I said just like to keep a watch on them. didn’t think about drama list. will check that out in a bit… hmmm fan channel, don’t recall that one, but wil lok on YT for these
I will check, thanks!!

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Hello @frustratedwriter, Please check out Asianwiki for great resource of info/photos/posters/teasers/etc. for Asian dramas, movies, actors, release dates etc. not to mention cross-referencing is super easy, just click the name links from a drama/movie page and it takes you to the actors page where you can see their other works and so forth. Explore here:

And, here’s the secretary, Choi Min‘s page:

On the Asianwiki main page you can find upcoming release dates (movies & dramas) for many months ahead, plus near the bottom of most pages you can find quick links for the latest casting news and such. Be prepared to spend a lot of time exploring, it’s great! Enjoy!

Asianwiki is one of my fave resources andI hope this helps you! :smile_cat:

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You may get latest news on Soompi. But for the individual actors and all their works, obviously Wikipedia will give you the fullest info. Sometimes you get surprised by seeing the list: “Ah, he was there as well? Which part did he play?”

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I use these sites in addition to AsianWiki

For upcoming projects (mainly Chinese*): * * * * (Blog - mainly Korean)

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my goodness theres a lot of them! I will check them out today. thanks!

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Hope these links give you the information you are looking for. Enjoy browsing around.

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Thank you so much! I needed those links, too. Sometimes these actress look so much alike I can’t tell them apart from each other, and with your links, I just found out I was confusing with someone else the main actress from [Crash Landing On You].

By the way, with that so sexy Hyun Bin from [Secret Garden] (second k drama I saw in my life), and his name I never forget either.
By the way, it’s an awesome drama and I’ve just seen 2 episodes. HIGHLY recommend Crash Landing on You.

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Greetings @angelight313_168.

Glad the links were helpful for you. “Crash Landing On You” is on my watch list. I will probably start once it has finished airing.

Did you like Hyun Bin’s drama “Memories of the Alhambra”?

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Yes, I loved that one, too. I’m praying they don’t take long for second part bc I need them (PSH and HB) to end up together in second season The ending was so unfair, and it left me really sad.

They did the same thing with Arthdal Chronicles and I’m waiting for season 3 on that one. Vagabond is on the same boat, and with that one I’m on edge bc they were complaining about how hard it was to film that drama. The main characters might change and if it doesn’t have the originals, I won’t bother to watch.

I really don’t like this new thing of waiting for other parts/seasons of the dramas to be available bc the waiting is to me painfully long. Like usually American Shows/dramas don’t take so long for second or third season and so on. We get closure faster, sort of ‘‘speak.’’

The new thing here is that they kill the characters, and make new ones to replace the ones killed but most of the time I just stop watching bc I wanted original characters to stay in the show/drama like for example: Sophia Bush in Chicago PD. Once she was out, I was out of there too. She was the main essence of that show/drama.

and then what I discussed on my “link” about endings, I didn’t finish memries of the alhambra. and do love Hyun bin! guess I shound finish it, and that other one I just didn’t watch. so need to watch the crash landing n you! on and thanks again for those links!!


You are very welcome @frustratedwriter. I’m glad the links are helpful to you.

I also stopped “Memories of the Alhambra” but went back and finished and I’m so glad I did.
@angelight313_168 mentioned a second season for “Memories of the Alhambra”, but I didn’t know a second season was planned.

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I really enjoyed “Memories of the Alhambra”. The ending made sense and left a feeling of hope. Don’t want to say more since some readers may not have watched yet.

Haven’t started “Arthdal Chronicles” and will probably watch next Summer when it’s too hot here and more desirable for me to stay indoors.

I don’t like the method of splitting seasons either. However, NF isn’t doing that with all their Asian content. So, I don’t know it it’s their idea or a compromise they worked out with the content owners.
I started “Chief of Staff”, which was split into two ‘seasons’, but as much as I love the cast I get really frustrated with political dramas so I dropped it after watching six episodes. I also watched “My First First Love” season 1, but never went back to finish the second season, but I still have it on my NF watchlist.

Since I started watching Asian dramas about ten years ago the selection has gone from an extremely meager selection, to the opposite ‘extreme’ (for lack of a better word). I find myself almost overwhelmed at the amount of dramas available to watch on licensed sites now.

I’ve not watched network or cable TV here in the States for a long time, except for Channel 8 our Public Broadcasting Network. I like some of the British series on Masterpiece Theatre. I’m a big fan of author Jane Austen and PBS is bringing “Sandition” in late January 2020.

I’ve never seen “Chicago PD”, but I understand your feelings when they write a character out of the story. That’s happened with NCIS too.


Yeah, I forgot to mention NCIS too. PBS Channel 13 is also one of my favorite channel, and I love to watch the Operas they offer sometimes since I can’t afford to see them live/ in person. I also donate to that channel because it’s worth every penny to keep it up and running.

I saved the info for Sanditon to check it out come January 12, 2020. Thanks.

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You’re welcome!

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Mm, I totally recommend that you finish it! I have been a big fan of Ji Soo since I first started watching Kdramas, so of course I had to watch this one. I remember being so bummed out because I had to wait for a few months for the next season, but once it came out, I quickly finished it. It is such a nice drama.

They did that with Love Alarm. From what I read, Netflix released the first eight episodes to see how well the show would do with the audience. Netflix said that a second season is coming, so I am eagerly awaiting that one. But yes, I also do not like how they split the seasons, but I guess it may be a trial tactic.

Oooh, I love Jane Austen’s work and the movies! Thank you for this info!

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Greetings @helenama73_911.
Thanks so much for the ‘nudge’ for “My First First Love”. I will gladly resume.
Glad to ‘meet’ another Jane Austen fan. My daughter and I used to have a yearly ritual of watching “Pride and Prejudice” (the Colin Firth version), we would sit with many snacks and watch the entire series.
I’m really excited about “Sandition”.


I need to buy the Colin Firth version. I currently have the one with Kiera Knightly and Matthew Mcfayden because I bought that one for my mom’s birthday a while back. I’ve seen that one too many times to count! I have memorized the OST because I listen to it while doing my work :smile:. My mom also loves the movie Persuasion with Rupert Penry Jones and Sally Hawkins.


here is another Jane Austin fan as well