After a drama has finished , delete ALL comments regarding subs


VIKI has a wide variety of new and older programs to explore I go to the review and comments sections first to see what others thought of the drama. And what do I see? - One-year old complaints about the subbing - especially for languages other than English -( people still don’t understand the process: Original language-English; English - other languages)

Is there some way to just delete these useless comments?

Or better still - prevent them from appearing in the comments section?


It’s a lot of work involved, and hopefully they can work something out regarding this situation. I no longer read reviews, and avoid the comment section as much as I can. Lately some evil doers are posting the end of the dramas and that’s very annoying.


Your idea is nice and would also help to get a more accurate rating for a drama. Some have lower ratings just because of the subbing progress when people complain it is too slow or too bad subbed.

I mostly don’t read any reviews anymore. When I try to decide if a drama is something for me or not I usually watch the trailer/s and read the drama’s summary (on VIKI, sometimes also on mydramalist). Sometimes I watch dramas because a Youtuber I like recommends it in a review (he never tells spoilers in his review videos).


If they are timed comments, then moderators can remove them. I’ve done this a few times, including removing other inappropriate comments. However, this is very time consuming so it doesn’t happen in a lot of drama’s.
For reviews and comments under the episodes you cannot do much except for flagging them down for inappropriate content. I heard that a comment gets removed if it receives several flags, but I don’t know how much there are needed.


You are so right… spoilers are the worst!


Me too, I look at Drama beans, but I still wish we could rely on Viki supporters!


Moderators can only delete timed comments (I regularly do this on every show I’m in), but unfortunately we have no jurisdiction on Disqus comments nor reviews. We have repeatedly begged Viki to give us this possibility to moderate the discussion, or, if they don’t want to, at least appoint a person from their staff to do it.
I even offered to do it for free!
But so far it has fallen into deaf ears.


Like you, I think it’d be nice and smart to appoint a volunteer who can receive QC status just like subbers and subtitlers who would go through and delete such timed comments and reviews. It would save the subbers and seggers from having to do that on top of everything else and add another dimension to the volunteer nature of VIKI. I’d even do it!

I’ve always thought about segging but haven’t sat down and gone through with everything. I know myself well enough to know if I don’t like a show I won’t finish it and so don’t want to be that lagging team member who doesn’t put in the work. But timed comments? Reviews? I’d definitely do that! When I first discovered VIKI timed comments was just as much a part of the viewing experience as the subbers-notes are. Now, they’re so unrelated to the show (including complaints about subs), derogatory towards an actor (usually the female lead), and downright vulgar most times.


No, in case, it would have to be the Channel Manager, or the English Moderator. They can’t give comment moderation power to a random volunteer (not saying you’re random, I mean a person who is not the team leader for that show). Because a person might go crazy and delete whatever they don’t agree with, or comments by people he/she doesn’t like, instead of just the sub whining or the fake reviews.
I understand their hesitation.


I don’t read them for 3 reasons:
Choosing language doesn’t work and I get so many non-english which is pointless.
People giving away endings like: too bad she died or say it was a sad ending or similar without spoilertags really spoils it for me.
And all those that don’t understand and complains about no subtitles.

I think going through millions of these comments and delete them would be too much work so better to just avoid them.


VIKI could enable written reviews just after a drama is completed, meaning all episodes are online and with English subs.

They could also implement that a review gets a tag like “fully viewed” or “just partly” like amazon does it with its “verified buyer” tags.

First thing I did was to disable the timed comments. When I watch a drama I want to be drawn into the story’s atmosphere without being distracted by random comments.

So for me, it does not matter if there are any timed comments or not.


I do agree with the potential downside to a rogue volunteer going power mad. I see nothing wrong with it being a lead volunteer only in the team. It would make sense to use someone who has built up a legitimate volunteer reputation. But, in relation to how arduous of a task it seems to me it also needs to be someone focused solely on that. VIKI’s own business model hinges on volunteers (both segmenters and subtitlers) as well as the unique user experience that comes with timed comments (and to a way lesser extent reviews).

Really they go hand in hand in a lot of ways because the interactive participation of one fosters a desire to assist with the other. I think the volunteers do such an awesome job bringing not only foreign content in languages others can understand but, also, giving us the richness of the culture behind the very language they’re translating. In addition, to explaining to newer users just how VIKI operates. Considering what I’ve gleaned from what QC status use to be it wouldn’t be wise to have an individual tasked with that assignment to go rogue. Also, the threat of blocking IP addresses could potentially be a strong enough deterrent. They’d have to follow community guidelines established by VIKI just like everyone else.

Volunteers do enough and shouldn’t have even more on their plate so why not a designated helper approved by VIKI? I wonder if it would be too much to bare recruiting an English moderator who does only this? Any editing done by a volunteer has their mark on it, right? So, it is easy to see what they’ve done?

Just throwing out ideas that VIKI can potentially use. No worries, I didn’t take it to mean me specifically. :slight_smile:



I would like it if a person like you would be appointed to delete all this comments/time comments rather than coming from anyone in the team, (CM or Moderator). You have very good points here and like you, I also feel that for doing this exhausting task, they should be rewarded somehow.

The CM/Moderators in the dramas have enough on their plate, and if they have this extra thing to do, it will in the long run affect the productivity in the drama they are working on. I always said this task should have never be given to a CM or Moderator in the drama. Especially some ppl around here that give me a vibe of being racist.

I hope they look into this and resolve this issue already.


I thank you for that sentiment, Wanda. Its unfortunate things are as they are. My visual of VIKI in top condition would include not only a partnership with Soompi and Rakuten but also MyDramaList. I can’t tell how often I frequent the three [Viki, Soompi, & mydramalist] to make viewing decisions.

I don’t help with segging and subbing but, I do the surveys and I’m a beta tester of the app. I try to help where I think I can. I use to leave detailed reviews as a few others (but stopped) and I often flag comments and reviews that are inappropriate. It is frustrating to see the constant unrelated content dragging down other viewers watching experience and opinion of shows that are worth watching if they’re interested in the premise.

Even more frustrating is the lack of appreciation for the hard-working volunteers who keep VIKI afloat. Anyone who is willing to do it without going rogue would do well. Because like seggers and subbers you’d over time need a team of them. They’d go through the shows they have an interest in. And like editors and moderators should be standard with any recruiting team.


That is why I feel you would be good for this volunteer task–’‘job’’ bc you don’t help with subbing or segging, so you will have the time to fairly delete those reviews/ comments that we have no need to see in there. I feel we need ppl that can dedicate fully to this task. Not like they’re doing now that the CM or Moderator in the drama can delete the comments besides all the workload they have to do.

I also didn’t read anywhere where you stated that you would love to delete every single Spanish review/comment you would see, like someone here is always saying, although this person knows that in English, Portuguese, Italian, French etc… they write complains, just as much as the Spanish viewers.

Of course, besides finding a way to reward the ones doing this difficult task, we must also find volunteers to delete comments/reviews written in every different language, too.

I have read comments in Portuguese were they curse the mother of the volunteers for not having the subs in that language in the drama but I have never seen those comments deleted (too bad I didn’t copy them so I could show them here). Since Portuguese is a bit spanish I was very offended and let her know what she did was very wrong bc as a volunteer cursing someone’s mother over subtitles is a bit too much.

Although in my opinion the review section is the worst thing they added here at the site. They should have done like in other places where you give a number for the review with no comments added.


I see now what you meant about racist remarks. I understand enough Spanish to know when they are talking about subs, and this goes for Portuguese and French as well. I don’t speak any of these languages to translate anything but, you see something enough it starts to make sense. Also, I did study Spanish in high school even if what I learned is mostly defunct I remember enough to get the gist of many of the comments I see. Now, outside of these four (including English), I won’t be of much help. I do know how to research so it wouldn’t hurt to check a language dictionary for other languages if I needed to do so.

If VIKI was to implement this as another way to volunteer I’d gladly assist all you subbers and seggers. I always take the time to stop the show I’m watching–when timed comments are on–to flag the offenses anyway. It’s unfortunate many have such a negative opinion of timed comments because they weren’t always like that. Neither was the review section. There are ones who write very detailed reviews and that made me start doing so as well. (Although I’ve since moved them to a private space.)

I always missed the comment section under the shows and by the time I realized it was there most weren’t using them anymore anyway. I’ve been mostly a lurker since I’ve been with VIKI but I come out to offer suggestions once in a while.