Totally frustrated with sub whining -comments section destroyed

Thank you, @logan_perron_763! There is a handful of us doing this regularly. You can find us here, if you ever need some help:

Also, many moderators are not aware of how the reporting system works (that it takes 3-4 reports before the whining-for-subs comment gets deleted), so it’s sometimes even more useful to explain it to the mods and offer to be of assistance.


What’s worse are people giving bad ratings for a show because subs aren’t ready or unavailable :unamused:


I too find if very annoying that I can’t pick just English and get all these other languages as well. That is why I don’t read many comments since I couldn’t be bothered scrolling through all non-english ones.

I too vote down on comments that complains about subs. I understand if they don’t know how Viki works and it’s really up to Viki to inform these people since there are just soooo many complaints about just subs. Wonder why Viki don’t add a simple notice somewhere for all to see…


Most of them do know how Viki works I bet.

Maybe, but the fact is that you cannot know for sure. Even if you go to their profile and you see they’ve been here for years, they might have been inactive so far, so this is not a definite proof. So, unless they write in a nasty, entitled way, I do try to assume they don’t. As they say, “innocent until proven guilty”.
Since Dramafever closed down, there has been a flood of subwhining, and I attribute it to ex-Dramafever users who genuinely don’t know that this site works differently.


Isn’t it wonderful to see that Disqus has all those moderating tools… and disheartening that Viki won’t let us use them?

Please upvote and reply with your opinion if you agree with me that the Channel Manager and one dedicated moderator of each project should be given moderator rights t to clean up the Comment section.

More about the issue here:


Whatever we do, it seems like people just won’t stop whining about subbing and regional availability, and after sitting and flagging so many fake reviews, I’ve stopped minding if people sub-whine in the comment section. I have a standard reply that I keep copy-pasting on 18 Again (someone please HELP that poor show😂) and its visibly decreased the amount of sub-sCREAMING and “Make it available in my region” whining
I hate the demanding ones the most- “MAKE IT AVAILABLE IN ____!!!” or “WHERE ARE THE SUBS WHAT ARE WE PAYING FOR”
my patience and politeness levels have totally risen thank you for that, Viki :sweat_smile:


I just went through some on-air dramas and coming soon dramas yesterday and replied to every sub whiner, some were new and some already had 100 comments on Viki. Downvoting is also a good option till Viki won’t do anything for these whinners, and even upvoting good or HELPFUL comments too.
Can’t believe they are rating dramas a 4-star, and writing in their review, “upload in Portuguese and then I’ll change my opinion”!!! As if somebody is waiting for them to give their awesome review.


I strongly agree with somebody being appointed as COMMENT DELETER, if not then at least give either the CM the right to delete bad comments or create a new position as Comments Moderator. Again, if deleting is not the option, then, give volunteers (active GOLD QCs or special members) the privilege to MARK (and then make them invisible till further action) comments and then the Community Staff can look over the MARKED comments and decide whether to delete them or not.


Count me in.
I made a standard comment (a really huge one though) and I already commented that on Goddess Of The Revenge and True Beauty. It describes the procedure of how Viki works.

Our English Team for Search was awesome since start and were finishing work on time but because subbers were caught up with their lives, we got delayed for a bit.
All the viewers were peacefully watching the show and suddenly started whining for subs. I know, I was a bit rude with my replies but I just simply can’t stand people disrespecting the time we spend in giving them quality.



Have some of them resorted to blackmail? Ah, those poor suckers :joy:

I said we should have a stress button for those people. The “I want subs in my language” button, where they fill out which language and click OK.

@irmar, do you have a post already for your suggestion at the ? If so, I’ve missed it.


The down and up votes of comments can’t be seen on a tablet, only the votes of the ratings (or on a laptop, both). It’s the same for spoilers.

I guess most of them are viewing on tablets.

(And they are rating dramas not only a 4-star, but a 1-star, a lot.)

No, because it was in my document with Suggestions for a better Viki which I submitted, by e-mail, to Viki staff after the online meeting we had in the summer of 2019. (It’s on page 3 of the document).
I once thought I’d put every one of those suggestions separately in the Ideas page on Support, but after the matter of my “No regional restrictions for QC” post, with thousands of upvotes but no result whatsoever, I must confess I became a bit disillusioned regarding the efficacy of posting anything there. Sort of feels pointless.

I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know how huge is huge, but keep in mind that people don’t have the patience to read long, detailed posts. There is this really lovable lady, Korkydiver, who writes huge posts like that (also full of bold and ALLCAPS), describing the whole process and I am positive most people don’t read them.


That might not even be visible now :sweat_smile:, taking into account how many comments are added per hour, although it is still now at the top of comments section at The Goddess Of The Revenge.

I guess, I might need to shorten things up so that people can understand more.

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I am positive most people don’t see even our one-line replies…you have to go to a comment section to even see a notification and I doubt non-volunteers would check a comment section regularly, it IS an Asian NF to most ppl

i know I feel like screaming at them sometimes, but I use them like patience tests "Here’s another specimen, Vivi. SHall we take a deeeeeep breath?":grin::joy:


I know it’s a lot of extra work but I think it will help both the viewers and the volunteers if there is a short comment by the subtitle team explaining how Viki works in the review/comments section. It also reminds the viewers that there indeed is someone, not a machine, doing the job of subtitling. Some of us are already doing this so perhaps we can gather ideas and craft a standard one that we can use. Here is what I wrote for Zombie Detective.

As a Korean-English translator for this drama, I ask all of you to please be patient. It does take time and effort for the episodes to get uploaded, segmented, translated into English, edited for quality, then released for translations into other languages. We are trying our best so when we see negative comments or reviews, it is disheartening. Many of us spend hours away from work, study, and other activities in order to volunteer here at VIKI. We do what we do because we enjoy doing it and I, personally, would like it to stay that way.


Reading this, it just popped up in my mind; how about if the team creates a standard subtitle just when an episode starts in their language that the subs are on their way, something like Please wait for a day, subs will be available soon just like Timings and Subtitles… and the standard subtitle can be deleted when the subs are ready. This can not be that effective but this can at least shut some fraction of whiners who see other people whining and start whining too considering that whining is absolutely fine.


I thought we already have something similar, not as a subtitle though. I remember seeing “Hold on tight! Subtitles are on their way.” on the cover page for some of the on air dramas. I think we should continue with that message but I also want to believe that some viewers honestly do not know how Viki works so it would be beneficial for them, and also for those who need a reminder, if there is a short explanation that can be placed as a “featured comment”.


I do not know if this is true but this is only present on the drama page where EARLY episodes don’t have subs.
Have a look at, this drama just aired and early episodes have 0% subs, so the message is there. Then at this page,, the message is again there, although the entire drama is complete but just because that one early episode isn’t subbed, the message is displayed. Again, I am not very sure if this is the rule.

I suppose, Hold on tight… is a good sentence that can be added to individual episodes (if possible) because that drama page message disappears after quite a while.


I can’t tell either most of the time it was shown on Kocowa content, as most of it is not available any longer for my region …

Thanks for the link, but honestly gray in gray - I had to look twice.