After School Club looking for Segmenters!

We are in need of Segmenters that love Kpop and would like to get ASC subbed! For new graduates of NSSA or Seg101, this could be a great stepping stone :slight_smile: Lots to segment as we work from the current weeks back. This is a golden opportunity to easily get your Golden Star for volunteering with more than enough work to work for the monthly prizes, too!

Please contact me or jedelande if you’re interested in Segmenting.

Thanks so much!



I am interested in segmenting. I don’t know if the website provides the software or I need something specific in order to do it. But I have been looking into segmenting for a few days and would like to try.

Best Regards and Blessings,


hi! can you add me to the channel to help with segmenting?
I am here to help!