Agreements made in BL Channels and how people react when the agreements don't work out

Hi guys, I HATE the fact that I even have to write this, but I’m doing it anyway. And I’m writing it here and not at the BL chat (at Discord), because everyone can know it, because I’m always very transparent with my decisions.

I PERSONALLY make the decisions as CM who I bring into the team. That starts with the CS, CE, GE and TE and continues with the language moderators.
I wrote on the channel as well as on Discord in the request that people who don’t get a chance otherwise can apply to me.
As everyone in the BL community should know by now, I do not support these arrangements up front. I am also very transparent with Viki about why I make my decisions the way I do.
I have had personal experience with being offered to be a moderator next time if I choose a certain person as moderator this time. I have also received requests that people XY is responsible for language XY and that I should not choose other people. I have also been reported to Viki by known BL moderators from the German community, because the previously made arrangements probably didn’t work out.
First, I don’t like to be threatened and second, I want to be elected as a moderator because the CMs are convinced of my work as a moderator and not because I prefer someone or offer kidneys and children in return (attention irony). Anyone who doesn’t want to work with me doesn’t have to!

I can also decide as CM how extensive my approval or refusal is to the moderators. I write with each refusal in addition, that you should write to me again if you have questions. I delete the messages because of the clarity, if I have answered. If then on a language server a kind of rushing against me and the moderators is started, then I cannot tolerate that. This strengthens me in my decision to give new people the opportunity next time as well. I also didn’t choose myself as a German moderator because I also want to give new people from the German community the opportunity.

And to make one thing clear. The choice of moderators was made based on the number of BL moderator projects and not whether I like someone or not. I wasn’t interested in how many projects the person currently had, only that it was in the allowed number. I didn’t care if it was an inexperienced moderator or an established team, it was IMPORTANT to me that people get a chance.

So, if you have problems with ME, then talk to me and do not be so COWARDLY and rush behind my back against me!!!


People doing this need to cut that sh** out immediately. It’s not funny, not in the least.

That kind of old-fashioned nepotism leads to baseless self-entitlement and overall crappy work. Ultimately it’s bad for this community.


Wow I can’t believe the controlling vicious groups are still doing their thing in here, and I’m so disappointed that the CEO is not correcting this issue because in the long run this will discourage so many from volunteering, and ironically the ones that can provide good Quality work to this site.

I went through something recently, and I’m not volunteering anymore until the CEO stops this unfair behavior towards volunteers that are serious about doing their volunteering work for RakutenViki. These kind of behavior show their low class because educated people speak and resolve issues in a cordial, fair and decent manner.

I know the Spanish teams are not ALL the same, but we have a few rotten apples here in the Spanish teams that make everything possible for the one they pick on to just leave the team, so they can continue doing their dirty work because if you prefer a GT/subber over someone that is proficient enough in the language, then, something really wrong is going on in those teams.

They set up several traps for me, and it was obvious to me and truthfully I didn’t expect anything less since is not the first time I deal with this vicious controlling group, there is one in particular that I compare her or him to a snake. I played along to make them think they were getting this ‘‘sucker’’ frustrated enough to leave the team, but in reality I was hoping the CEO/ higher ups, were watching what was going on in here, but after reading what you went through, I’m guessing I was very wrong about that.

I admire how you stand in your ground, and don’t give in to these… I don’t know what to call them. I DO HOPE the CEO is AWARE of this going on in here, and realize this site needs to promote respect for one another, and this bullying needs to stop because that’s what they do, bullying volunteers. These COWARDS join hands and do and hide their evil deeds, and when you are not in their ‘‘buddy buddy’’ system, they go full force in their attack. They can write whatever garbage they want and doesn’t get FLAGGED or DELETED, but they manage to always flag and delete our stuff, and right to express all the wrong things done to us.

Hopefully, someone with authority here and justice for all, will get to the bottom of all this, and stop this vicious cycle to continue going on. Is time already to put a stop to this.

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I can understand you, this kind of behaviour is nicely put unpleasant. We always hope the situations will get better. Anyway I hope Viki will somehow stay enjoyable to you,


I’m amazed they haven’t ‘‘flagged’’/ close/deleted this TOPIC yet. Hope all is well now for @a_hauth_238, and things are going smoothly as they should have been from the beginning, not as controlling groups here, want things to go (their way). The saddest part is; that in here, some of those that shows you support and even love, are the ones backstabbing one the most.

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Não feito, não perfeito, não completo
Não satisfeito nunca, não contente
Não acabado, não definitivo:
Eis aqui um vivo
Eis-me aqui.

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We can only rely on ourselves, no one can be trusted, there are times when our enemies are more reliable than our friends.


there are times when our enemies are more reliable than our friends.

:grin: that’s so true. you reminded of a saying my grandmother always told me: ‘’ Keep your friends close; your enemies closer.’’ It’s hard sometimes, but is doable since that way we can be prepared, and protect ourselves.

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True, my mother says the same thing😊