All Hair is Good Hair


A safe product
For men too!

She recommends
this product for greys,
see any, or all,
of these hairstyles she did

What does not, or does work
for your hair? Maybe, share some of our own shareable none magical, or magical hairdos :sparkles::wink::wink:






That’s true all hair is good hair, the last one is so pretty :star_struck:
Products that work on my hair are usually by companies that cater to black hair ex: Dark and Lovely . And products that don’t help my hair are Aussie and Head and Shoulders. @leerla73 What hair products work for you?


Nice! I’ve used so many brands over the years, currently I’ve been sticking with Olive Oil brand, Softee, and De La Cruz natural oils :sparkles::wink: These are not the ones that work best, or least, they are in the middle.


I use Olive Oil hair products too and their shampoo smells really nice. And when I was little I used Dream Kids from Olive Miracle and now I use Crème of Nature edge control. But Cantu doesn’t really work on my hair while it works on everyone else’s hair in my family. :roll_eyes: Are there any hair products like that for you?


:smile: I just keep it moving if it doesn’t work :smile:


That’s what I should do :joy:


Black hair is Beautiful :sparkles:Emotional :sparkles:


Ella’s new . . . hairstyle


:door::selfie:t5::soap::lotion_bottle::framed_picture: Moi in December, I was really liking the clean cut, no worries about hair on the :bed: pillow, or in the :bathtub: bathtub:

My hair is back to this, maybe a bit more, about now:

And this was it before:


I love watching hair videos, I usually get this kinda goosebumps on my head when I watch a person working on somebody’s hair :wink: The lady with the gray hair looks good, but I would have liked her hair straight ironed, but the hairdresser said something about that the heat makes the hair yellow… I have strange grey hair which is more blonde, white and dark blond… I would love to have the metallic salt pepper, but since I have no black hair to color such requires several steps, I just can do ash blond for now.


Funny, I loved her curls :grin: But I generally prefer styles that highlight the natural texture (or versatility) of someone’s hair.

That’s interesting :thinking: Had to look up what ash blond looks like, but it’s a pretty color.


Ash blond, that’s a good contrast too . .