All Hair is Good Hair

Her reaction to her new hairstyle. :blush:

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Good Info, on why you have hair lost, and what blood test to ask for, related to your hair in general. All while beautifully doing her clients hair. I love her quotes, at the start of her videos. :wink:

Nice :notes: jam,:notes: for a lovely hairdo! :wink: :point_down:t5:

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The hairdo came out beautifully, so much hair!! But I’d be concerned about the high heat, you can also see it in first video, I can see the steam coming out… are the black hair much stronger or more resistent to heat??

It’s hard labor to smoothen them!

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Similar to damp clothes, when heat is applied. Not forgetting, she also applied oil. We all know how heat reacts to liquid oil.
There are so many texture of hair types in the black community though. It takes an experienced, skilled, and qualified hairstylist to know how, when, and for how long heat is applied :blush:

The Alopecia - Full Video - Follicle Regenerates.
  • Follicle is the only part of the body that regenerates.
  • Moisture, moisture, moisture!
  • After 20 years, her alopecia is gone!
  • Located in the UK. :uk: :wink: Hey! It’s an excuse to travel.