All the BL fans Check This Out!


Hello to all the Yaoi fans on…!!

Is it only me or the BL series currently available on viki are in a really short quantity? I mean most of the best BL series come from Thailand but I think we only have 2-3 Thai BLs here…

But it doesn’t means that the other BL series are any less interesting. It’s just that people who are frequent on viki and do not watch other stuff are missing a great deal of content out there… for example TharnType The Series. It is one of the best there is ! Or you can prefer watching Until We Meet Again.

I remember watching a series called ‘2gether’ followed by ‘Still 2gether’. This show literally has 0.1% of skinship but it kept me unknowingly hooked until the end!

I think what viki needs is a bit more outstretch into the world of BL shows…
As for me? I’ve already completed watching all the BL series on viki…:yum:

What about you?:face_with_monocle:

What are your opinions about this? Be sure to share it with me. It’s been long since I met a new Yaoi fan like me…:blush:

Botched Love With Flaws translation
BL fan club / fan chat on Viki

Is that on Viki? I can’t seem to find it …

From the BL’s I have watched here on Viki, none was from Thailand, but that’s just because until recently there was only 1 Thai series available in my area and that wasn’t BL (I did like it though). I have noticed that there are 2 Thai BL’s now which are available for me (or actually 2 seasons of the same show), but I haven’t watched it yet.
Most BL dramas I saw were either from Taiwan or Japan.


You can find it on YouTube. Lots of Thai BL available there. That’s where I go to for my BL cravings, :laughing: I can PM you the links if you like.



@jtsonar_527 I’m so glad that someone brought up this topic. I only started getting in BL at the beginning of this year after watching Because of You 2020 on Viki. My first Thai BL was Theory of Love and since then, I have watched almost every popular Thai BL drama including the two you have mentioned (UWMA being my favourite). I have satisfied my BL cravings [REDACTED]. I’m currently following the two latest ones, My Gear and Your Gown and Oxygen.

I agree that Viki should try to source for more Thai BL dramas. They are so popular at the moment.


No honey, it’s not on viki. And I don’t know if it ever will.:unamused:

After finishing all the BL series on viki I started surfing YouTube. I thought only China and Korea produced BL series but after I came across other BL series was when I realized that the mass production of yaoi stuff happen in Thailand !

I really hope that they add such quality BL shows on viki as soon as possible…:pensive:


So… are there any chances that u’ll be following TharnType 2: Seven Years of Love which will be out this November?:blush:


That would be nice. :slight_smile:


Definitely! It’s already on my list of Thai BLs to watch along with Manner of Death, Motorcycle, My Ride, A Tale of a Thousand Stars, Thonhon Chonlathee (all coming in Nov/Dec 2020). For 2021, there’s Between Us, YYY2, My Engineer 2 and 2 Moons 3.

I’m also currently watching Love by Chance 2: A Chance to Love. [REDACTED]


Omo! thank u so much coz all I find in YT were mostly pirated ones or something like that…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Luv U for that :kissing_heart:


I totally agree! I mean BL series are a totally different world. They have cute chemistry, amazing leads and the feeling is epic. Some series like Tharntype series, Why r u the series, Love by chance (on viki) , still 2gether , sotus , 2moons, En of love ,theory of love, until we meet again etc… definitely deserve to be on viki. Sadly they are not but youtube is my source of bl love.

It’s also on viki but only available with viki pass.An amazing series.

Can’t wait!:slight_smile:

Skinship is the least important and least required .The drama can get to the best level with just chemistry and love. No need for skinship and 2gether the series was just perfect.

I hope that one day Bl will be popular on viki and we will have a lot of choices to watch from.:wink:


The one’s I watched on YT are official HQ. Let me know which ones you would like and I can share the link with you. I also subscribed to [REDACTED] where most of the drama can be found.




It’s also on viki but only available with viki pass.An amazing series.

Yeah, I know it is on Viki but calling me stingy, I’m not willing to pay to watch it :laughing: I’m happy to wait a bit.

Skinship is the least important and least required .The drama can get to the best level with just chemistry and love. No need for skinship and 2gether the series was just perfect.

Totally agree. That drama was so sweet and one can still see the love between Sarawat and Tine.


I’m not sure about previously and also where you are located but they are really quick now. That’s where I’m watching My Gear and My Gown and I’m Tee, Me Too (not BL but have three fantastic BL couples). I watch the former every Monday and the latter, every Friday.


But the real thind that shocked my sockets out was that Green was dating the music club head!!!:sweat_smile::joy:

Anyways, I almost 4got y I started replying…

Most of the series I watched b4 2gether were highly based on skinship. U may say that 2gether The Series opened my eyes towards a more innocent face of BL shows.

Anyone trying to watch, whether a yaoi fan or not, will surely enjoy the series. Even if watching just for fun.