Amazing Second Leads! Who is Your Favorite 2nd Lead Love?💙 Official Scene Stealer!



I Absolutely Love Park Hyung Sik in High Society! I didn’t care about anyone else really in the story but him. His part was so demanding. He was such an arrogant, sexy, good-hearted chaebol. His crying scenes made me CRY with him. Such a good Actor! __ This is where YOU love the Second Lead. or second main lead!!!
So who did you love as a 2nd lead and in what drama?


Are you talking about dramas that give you SLS or dramas with amazing second leads in general? If it’s SLS I think this thread would be identical to the other Love Triangle one…:thinking:


Then you should put it inverted commas.


Ahh…because SLS is usually used to refer to the sadness felt when the guy you were rooting for doesn’t get the girl :sweat_smile: you know, like “Ah why I’m dying WHYY he deserved her!!!” its in a sad/frustrating sense. Second Lead Syndrome is a disease
What you’re referring to I wouldn’t feel sad, I’d feel “YAYYY I love this second lead sO MUCH what and ahMAZING drama!!!”


Aw I call it 2nd Lead Syndrome for ME! I was so in love with Hyung Sik!:heart_eyes:I guess I have that disease for him! hahahahahaha


Yoo Chang-Soo played by PHS


Wang Hao Xuan in Dance of the Phoenix.
The drama itself was forgettable, but he was … grand.


:joy::joy: I feel you!
My all-time favourite is Veronica Park. She completely took over the story. Just stole it from the main couple.

Actually everyone from DOTS :see_no_evil:

Henry in Oh My Venus was so adorably hilarious

Byeong Yeon from Moonlight Drawn By Clouds because he’s GORGEOUS in that outfit!!


Oh I LOVE me some HENRY!!! Yes, he was so good in Oh My Venus and now I love his music! He is hilarious!




I am completely in LOVE with Minho. But Woo Do Hwan was my official scene stealer in King the Eternal Monarch. Well Maximus also! Ok I love Minho, Woo Do Hwan and the horse!


Je te comprend tout a fait, je l’es adorée dans Héritiers

Kim Wo Bin lui à quelque fois volée la vedette :joie::sueur_sourire:


Kim Woo Bin!


Veronica for president, she would deserve her own drama.



Ok! I’m stopping I’m stopping! Hyung Sik!


Lately it is::heart_eyes:

  • Kim Seon Ho in “Start Up”


High Society is such a good drama! But I disagree with your statement! Park Hyung Sik isn’t a second lead since High Society features two main couples. :heartbeat: :smiley_cat:


Well True! Usually they focus on the main couple though and that whole show to me is about him!

2nd lead couple! Then is a truer statement


So To Clarify! It can be a Main Second Lead or a Side Second Lead! Sometimes they just steal my heart even though I still love my Main guys!


Beauty Inside - 2nd Main Couple - I love Ahn Jae Hyun