Amazing Second Leads! Who is Your Favorite 2nd Lead Love?πŸ’™ Official Scene Stealer!


Park Hyung Sik is my favorite everything :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (well except child actor)

Speaking of Child actors Nam Da Reum, if we go by scene stealers instead of SLS, he steals the show in almost everything I’ve seen him.

If we go by second couple I found the love triangle between the friends in The Love Knot… more compelling than the main couple.


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Well ya know PHS!


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So is it XU KAI CHENG who is the scene stealer with the 2nd couple in the Love Knot???


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hwang In Yeop is definitely mine! I absolutely LOVE him!!


Though he technically wasn’t the second lead, Lee Sang Yeob has my heart in While You Were Sleeping.



HOW COULD I FORGET our adorable Grim Reaper??!!

also the entire supporting cast of Touch of Your Heart were hilariously hilarious


a quiz for True Beauty fans:
I did it wanting Hwang in Yeop because I love him in 18 Again and actually got him!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He was so BAD but I wanna find him in other dramas! I liked him! What else should I watch? I cried my eyes out last night. OH NO! Now I want to do a collection For Love of The Bad Guy! hahahahahaha


That’d be a great collection!


I’ll start a topic next week on the Bad Guys we love to love and hate! Right


I guess this drama fits for every category

I never felt bored watching the drama, sometimes the position of Nr. 1 and Nr. 2 changed. I like them both Go Kyung Pyo and Jo Jung Suk.

P.S. It just crossed my mind that sometimes I really like the 2nd lead, but to be honest not the character of the drama, but admire how he/she is delivering the role. Seen in Autumn Concerto, Tue Ye played by Chris Wu, I really like the play of him, but Tue Ye is quite simple at times … β€œJust a guy …”


I really want to watch Jealousy Incarnate!


Oh Woo Do! Your the BEST. King The Eternal Monarchwoo%20do%20king%201

I still love my Minho though!


these two goofballs from The Player :joy:


Sungkyunkwan Scandal had a second…and even a third! 20101212_ahin_joongki

Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In.



Secretary Tak!!!
Fated to Love You!
He CRACKS me up!


I added that to my Scene Stealer collection - Which two actors are these in the show?


Jennifer from 30 but 17.
Total Scene Stealer!

Director in Her Private Life

And My Love Beautiful Kim Jae Wook - As the Waffle Guy - Coffee Prince