Amazing Second Leads! Who is Your Favorite 2nd Lead Love?πŸ’™ Official Scene Stealer!


Oh of course, the WHOLE Squad from Crash Landing On You! I loved them ALL


LOL this is what I wrote in my Watched Drama List about Coffee Prince

> I don’t need coffee, I will go for the waffles.


I swear when he was like in the locker room talking! Or looking in the mirror. I would roll the scene back several times. 1st time I met him. That black nail POLISH. Oh, My Word! They should have taken this character and given him his own lead role as the Waffle Guy!!! He was so good in Her Private Life. I wish he would do more lead romantic roles. I love Kim Jae Wook.


A pro pos 2nd lead

And this one really made me cry, but I won’t post it at that topic, because it was all because of him. He portrayed that guy so well, what else could you do but cry.


Aw! Woo Do Hwan!! We won’t see him for 2 years! Waaaaa!


I liked him in Hwarang too.



Me crying over Woo Do being GONE! Bummer!


They form a team with the main lead…one is a hacker(Lee Si-Yeon) and the other a fighter (Tae Won-Suk)


Hwang In Yeop
True Beauty

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