Amazing Second Leads! Who is Your Favorite 2nd Lead Love?πŸ’™ Official Scene Stealer!


Yes! I second that! Loved him in Mr. Sunshine!


ahhhhh why did you post that I’m already starting to cry again! I wasn’t able to watch Hotel del Luna because of this intenseeee SLS I felt right at the beginning because I’m TERRIBLY biased towards LDH :sob::sob::sob:



Definitely remembering Jennifer again! I love her!
30 but 17


Hao Du!
Best 2 Main ML ever!


The Best 2nd Main Male Lead on the Planet!!!




I don’t think I have to explain why he’s so :fire::fire::fire:
I’m usually not in favor of 2ml because I know they won’t get the fl anyway.
But!!! Junshan was such an amazing character it’s hard not to love him.
Plus, ml (XuKai) was such a brat in the beginning of the drama, I wanted to clobber him! Lol


Why did I think this was Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin? :joy:


WHHHHAAAAATTT? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I can see it too… this cracked me up!!! :sob::sob:


I frantically started to log in to MDL so I could see what amazing drama I seemed to have missed :joy: Then I realized that Arsenal Military Academy is a c-drama and paused to look at the gifs a few more times, and their faces slowly morphed into what they actually are :sweat_smile: Exactly like those lovestruck star-crossed lovers who see only their lover instead of other people’s faces :joy::sob:


I do that too when I am infatuated with a celebrity or person and I start seeing their features on other ppl. HAHAHAH

Watching a drama for 30+ episodes long and then watching a new ones, takes a few moments to get use to the new faces lol


Well he is a hunky hunk hunk!!!


VERY !! :heart_eyes: I’m going to rewatch this soon. hehehe