Amazing Second Leads! Who is Your Favorite 2nd Lead Love?💙 Official Scene Stealer!


found another one…this looks good :joy::sweat_smile:


I have the gif of that!!! He knows how to move!!! He is a scene stealer all by himself.

Official Scene Stealers


another second lead who’s stealing my heart…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Lee Soo hyuk :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
@ kdrama2020ali

add him too…


Oh yes TEAM TEAM LEADER I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I thought I added him already let me look

Oh he is in bad boys I think as my cover! I forgot to put him in 2nd lead

(DONE All added)


I forgot Jo Jung Suk in


Oh he’s HOT He was such a HOT chef in Oh My Ghostess that character I fell in love with him


all second leadssss are the greatest


Where are my 2nd Lead Syndrome boys??? Any new ones!!!

Gia Allana

I have a soft spot for Bae In Hyuk from My Roommate is a Gumiho - I like his little sweet never give up kinda self! But I don’t want him to win the girl…


DON’T :sob::sob: I was just about to change my mind about watching MRIAG and now I’m running awaaaayyyy
I really feel like I’ll get total SLS because I have a soft spot for BIH and I don’t really like the ML :tired_face::sob:


Are you KIDDING me! He is SO ADORBS the ML!!! But I do like BIH - but off and re-watch Kiss Goblin


Asian Wiki

Ok the doctor character in Scent of a Woman - I kind of have 2nd lead syndrome with him. He was stoic and mean as a doctor and has grown so much in his character! To where you see him and he has really changed - Aw I like that

He was in I Am Not A Robot!!!

Um Ki Joon


Ice Fantasy the relationship between Ying Kong Shi and Yan Da
Boys Over Flowers I rooted for Ji-hoo


Ji-hoo Team :heart: He was the cause of my first SLS…





I have not watched Boys Over Flowers yet - well I love Minho - but I guess I need to catch up on a classic!


I don’t like BOF, the main couple irritated me and Minho’s hairstyle was the main cause of my nightmares at the time I was watching it (such handsome men and such bad hair). But OST’s, Ji-hoo, and the second couple helped me finish it. Hana Yori Dango (Japanese version), in my opinion, is much better. But you’re right BOF is definitely a classic :smile:


I think BOF just hasn’t aged well. I tried to watch it for classics’ sake but I found it TERRIBLE even without considering the boys’ hairstyles. I skipped to the last episode (something I have never ever done in my entire life) and tried to watch at least that but was struck by the immense toxicity of the relationship and general stupidity of the show. The low quality didn’t help, either.



Photographer in Monthly Magazine Home - having some 2nd lead syndrome - his dimples!!!


my fav. SL characters

Dong Mae ( Mr. Sunshine )

Chung Myung - Hotel del Luna

Seon Ho - My Country



Oh my, yes! I don’t usually get SLS. In fact, I’ll admit I am usually pretty heartless when it comes to second leads, but this character was so great! It was the first time I had seen Do Hyun, and I was hooked on his acting. (His face goes without saying)